Is Scentcraft Partnership Legit? Reviews and Complaints

Is Scentcraft partnership legit ? Is it the right option to go for? These are some of the questions that have followed the minds of a few users leaning toward the product. It has created a dilemma that is making them eager to try it but at the same time warning them to do a proper check on it. 

Some reviews have tried their hand at it but have yet to highlight all significant features. We have taken this topic up to enlighten our readers about its primary aspects that will help them reach a decision.

What is a Scentcraft partnership?


It is a website wherein customers can get hold of resources to create their own alluring and tempting fragrances. It offers users to explore the creativity that lies within and bring it out to curate their perfumes. The best feature of it that makes it mainstream and a must-have product is that it has kept all of its product’s cruelty-free.

They are also derived from organic materials or natural resources. There are specific steps that partners must adhere to create their products. Users must select the type of fragrance they want first. In the next step, they have to structure their packaging and decide upon the design for the same.


On top of all this, the site provides even more fee assistance in forming a microsite which will be sent out to users once products go live. However, the question still looks large is whether is Scentcraft partnership legit or not?


  • Purpose: To help entrepreneurs set up their perfume business by offering services starting from fragrance creation to brand build-up
  • Contact number: no number available
  • Email ID: Not accessible
  • Address: Not found
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Origin of the website: 2003-08-14
  • Shipping is available in the USA.
  • Return available
  • Full refund on 50 ml or 100 nl bottles available
  • Tracing order available


  • The website is specifically dedicated to curating unique fragrances that cater to one’s individualistic choices and preferences.
  • It even allows users to create and establish their brand and venture into a new business world.
  • Users can even avail help from the source in establishing a microsite which will help them garner more customers for their brand. 
  • They will also assist in introducing the product to the market and share it as soon as the microsite goes live.
  • It is also the ideal choice for a unique gift for someone as it allows customers to create one and gift it to a family or friend.
  • Several professionals will even assist users in finding the perfect aroma or musk.
  • If any queries arise, one can contact them by dropping a text on their page or reaching out to them through social media. 
  • The money-back provision has further made people more interested and has made them raise questions like, is the scentcraft partnership legit?


  • Although the site promises to use the best organic materials in forming the products, it is difficult for users to know the quality through online mode.
  • It is not ideal for bulk orders as one can only get on its authenticity by examining each product in person, whether for a gift or selling in the market.
  • There are no contact details, addresses, or even email addresses available to which can get users in touch with the developers and creators. This has even made people ask questions such as: is scentcraft partnership legit?

What are user reviews?

We tried to locate all the reviews, be they negative or positive, to enlighten our readers on the site’s authenticity. We visited each social media platform where it has its official handles. However, each page has very few users. There are also a limited number of posts.


Therefore, it took a lot of work to find out much about it. But the few reviews we found were all positive. Users have expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the services and teg products by their words or emoticons. 

There are no discussions about the site on any of the public discussion forums as well. Some third-party reviewers have tried to take it up but have failed to do justice to it. They have only used information that they think could garner more likes or clicks. Thus, their analysis should not be considered.

Is scentcraft partnership legit?


Some aspects have indicated the legitimacy of the website. For instance, it has a functional site. It is also active on social media. In other words, it has a handle and interacts or replies to users’ comments. This clearly states that it gives importance to what its users say. Therefore, it can be termed as a legit platform.


Hence, almost all the reviews we could get our hands on suggest that it is functional and practical. It is safe to say that users can go for it if they want to venture into the perfume business or gift someone something unique.

We hope our review was helpful, and we await your feedback in the comments section below. 

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