Is Financebuzz Legit or Not ? Check Out [2024]

In this article, we shall see – Is financebuzz legit? Generally, people borrow loans when they need money, for example, to buy a house, car, etc. How would you feel if you had someone to assist you in your financial decision or, for that matter, the money?

Functioning with the motive to help you make your moves, this online financial service offers you different kinds of services. Let us see what those are.

What is financebuzz?


As the name suggests, it is related to finance. By using their website, you can get help for your finances. They help you to make financial decisions smartly, and they work in a group, thus providing you the commitment.

They have their values, which their team follows while rendering services to their customers. But is financebuzz legit? We shall see it. Founded by Van Horn, they even provide you the option of joining their community.


  • Name of the website – Financebuzz
  • Owner – Greg Van Horn
  • Email –
  • Social Media – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook
  • Physical address -Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach
  • Advertising Policy – all the information regarding their advertisement has been mentioned in this policy
  • Privacy policy – The privacy policy consisting of how the personal data is obtained has been given in this policy
  • Terms of use – The terms of use for this website, along with the last updated date is, mentioned on their website
  • Subscription – the procedure for subscribing is given, and there is an option to unsubscribe as well

Still wondering if it is financebuzz legit or not. Don’t worry; we got that covered for you.


  • For credit card coverage, the team of financebuzz has coordinated with Card Ratings to enhance the process involved with credit cards.
  • You can gain a career by using their website.
  • Once you subscribe and want to unsubscribe, the option is available with a straightforward procedure.
  • The terms of use with precise details have been explained on their website.
  • They are available on social media.
  • They provide the customers with two mail ids; one addresses explicitly the PR (Public Relations) related issues.
  • Unless you order a specific service, no fees shall be required to be paid by the customer.
  • Their physical address is given, making it easy to contact them if you want to talk in person.

About your doubt – is financebuzz legit? We will see the answer to it very soon.


  • You can only use their website if you are 18 years or older.
  • Any material provided by the website that has been implemented but is of no use, the website takes zero accountability.
  • They only provide you with service, but the ultimate decision-maker will be you.
  • They provide zero guarantees for services, rates, etc.
  • While using their website, personal information is collected.
  • They are not responsible for third-party websites appearing while using their website.
  • They can suspend your website usage without giving you any prior notice.

Is financebuzz legit?


Here we come to the most exciting part of this article. While the terms of usage and other specifications on their website seem trustworthy, is it legitimate to use their website? Let us find out.

According to the various reviews given about this website and its services – it can be said that financebuzz is legit. On most online places, the website has provided a reply where the customers have given their reviews.

Customer Reviews 


Let us now see what kind of reviews the website has received from its users.

Positive Reviews

  • A person reviewed how truly they offer their services as he benefited from the financial advice he took from the community of financebuzz.
  • Another person has reviews about how nice he found the website to be.

Negative Reviews

  • A reviewer has written that their reviews are all shill
  • Another person has seen the website falsely advertising a solitaire game.


Money is something that is earned after a lot of hard work. How you would use it is entirely up to you. But who wouldn’t like it if someone helped them by advising them correctly?

If you are looking for one such website, financebuzz is the right platform. On the question of – it is financebuzz legit or not, it is legit and can be used. We hope you found this article helpful, do give us your feedback.

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