Is Beast Promo Legit | How True, Do You Want? [2024]


Do you want to know how to get $1000 or more and still think, is beast promo legit? Can you imagine this channel provides their followers when they subscribe to their YouTube channel? All they need to do is follow a few required steps. 

Jimmy Donaldson, who owns this platform, is known for its content on YouTube, which consists of many benevolent and amusing videos.

What is beast promo? 

This channel host has promised its users to give them a chance to win $1000 and more just by being a subscriber to this channel. This channel provides giveaways on the channel, which provide several benefits, luxurious cars and many costly prizes. All the viewers must perform specific tasks and follow the procedure to win them. 


These vast deals have raised many questions in the readers’ minds, so they must wonder whether it is beast promo legit or just a scam to get subscribers. 

The main reason it raised a lot of issues is it assured that the viewers would benefit from expensive items and vast amounts of money by clicking on the sponsorship video and notifications which asks viewers to download the application. People got highly motivated by the advertisement and the host’s avatar. But does this work? Let’s talk about it in detail. 


  • Joined in the year 2012, February 20
  • Conducts charitable events
  • Giveaways of more than 100 cars
  • Adopted dogs
  • It has 135 Million subscribers
  • Views: 22,998,365,885
  • Available on: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook 
  • Provide users with many rewards like expensive cars and a considerable amount of money just by following a few steps. 
  • Users are required to enter their PayPal account
  • Provide encrypted connection 
  • Sends pop-up messages
  • Sends formal confirmation via email
  • It can be launched through any browser


Here are certain advantages the viewers said, which we gathered from different platforms. Going through this might trigger the question: is beast Promo legit or not, more.

  • Raise $20,000 to play 20,000,000 trees.
  • Conducted charitable events
  • Provide many deals in the form of giveaways.
  • It conducts many fun activities on its channel.
  • The official page consists of different segments like Beast philanthropy, Mr Beast 2, Mr Beast gaming, and Beast Reacts, which have many subscribers.



Here is the disadvantage raised repeatedly against this YouTube channel, which is justified according to our research. Let’s look at it and understand whether Beast promo codes are legit. 

  • Many pop-up scams are being alerted.
  • The description on their official page describes nothing about how they operate, which illuminates viewers.
  • It makes people believe that the day they visit their site is their lucky day, and scammers trick them.
  • Asks viewers to download sponsored apps that contain viruses
  • After downloading certain things through notification, it hacks the device and users need to pay ransom to access their data.
  • The viewers need to provide their PayPal account details and Email ID.
  • They send links that contain malware to users’ registered accounts.
  • Many complaints have been received for tracking users’ browsers and hijacking them.
  • Treks users by advertising hosts’ avatar
  • Many scammers use this platform to trap users. 
  • Scam viewers show it is a limited offer, so they click on it as soon as they see the message.
  • When users click “Claim rewards,” it asks them to follow a few more steps and navigate to prohibited sites. 
  • Blackouts all the data available on the device from which it has been accessed.

Viewers’ reviews about the beast promo [Must Read]

After going through different researchers that have already been executed on “Is beast promo legit” and visiting their official site, we have tracked down what the viewers need to state about this platform which has gained massive attention since its beginning. Let’s look at the positive and negative aspects of it in detail. 

Positive reviews

In the response, we have gathered that viewers have talked highly about the host as he only does incredible work. His YouTube channel has 135 Million subscribers. The channel has some entertaining videos, which makes the viewers visit his channel frequently. Also, the host conducts many charitable events and provides giveaways, which got him a great fan base since the beginning of his career. 


One viewer stated that the title of the videos on this platform is heart-touching, which catches attention pretty quickly and one the most talked about vide9are “I Donated $30,000 to a Random Twitch Streamer”, which gained 40 million views across the globe. 

Negative reviews: 

No matter how popular this channel has been over time, it has gotten many negative reviews from users because of the format it follows to make its subscribers rich. This then asks the visitors to download the sponsored application, which contains viruses like ransomware which asks the users to pay to access their data. 

One user stated that this platform asks for a PayPal account and registered email address and feeds them to scammers so they can access all your data. They keep sending an email containing prohibited links and tracking all the details. 

Is beast promo legit? 


According to our research and the information we have collected from its official platform and further research, the channel description could be more specific. However, it has many followers through which the host gets the benefit and has conducted many charitable events. 

Even though there are many responses that we have witnessed about the host, they conduct fun activities which provide a variety of products and services only if the viewers win the event. We are still trying to figure out the giveaways because users need help to connect to the developers when they fall into the hands of scammers. 

Many theories have pointed out that scammers try to track down users and use their personal information, which raises a lot of questions regarding the Privacy policy that the host follows.


We hope our review on Is Beast promo legit or not has cleared all your questions that have been arising time and again about this channel. For further feedback, please write to us in the comment section below.

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