How to Play Among us? (Guides & Tips) [2023]


How to Play Among us? We recommend this gaming platform for those of you who have been awaiting a game filled with thrilling experiences, bizarre moments, the quest for survival, and elements that puzzle you. We are sure many of you are already familiar and even acquainted with the source. However, for those who are not, we have structured an in-depth analysis and guide to help you navigate the game.

About Among us


Before we venture into the exciting world among us, we must know what awaits us. In this game, you shall be part of a team on board a ship, in which you must fulfil the assigned assignments to keep the vessel running. The twist is that there shall be an impostor meandering within your team, whose main aim shall be to assassinate the teammates, one after the other. 


The other non-impostor are responsible for finding the impostor meandering and performing each task efficiently. If they fail to do so, the mission shall be deemed incomplete, and the impostor shall be made the winner.

Steps to play the game while playing the role of an impostor


To develop an understanding of the game properly and to ensure that you always win, no matter which team you are on, one must be acquainted with the regulations laid down by the platform. Therefore, we have enlisted the necessary rules to follow along with the tops and guides to perform each task successfully. 


First, let’s get a glimpse into the things you need to bear in mind while portraying the role of an impostor. Refer to the following points for all the relevant information:

  • You shall be notified of which team you belong to as soon as the game begins.
  • You can control the player you have been assigned, the keyboard or the Mouse.
  • Those who have opted for phones for this platform can find a touchpad resembling an analogue with which they can control the character.
  • As an impostor, you shall be assigned to complete unreal tasks to maintain your identity.
  • When the chance to murder someone appears, you shall have to approach closer to the crewmate upon which an option to kill shall appear. Choose it.
  • After the deed is done, the impostor, i.e. you, can either report the act or flee from the scene, whichever seems the most appropriate to eliminate you from being a suspect.
  • To further keep you away from suspicion, you can get involved in the group chat that takes place within the game and, through your words, tries to convince people to accuse others.
  • Specific options allow you to disable the ship and close specific rooms for other users.
  • There are also vents around the ship, which shall only be presented to the impostor to escape. But remember to always go unnoticed by other members.
  • The key to winning the game is by murdering each teammate without getting detected by other members. 

What are the steps to play as part of the team or as a crew member? 

Following are the methods that you need to execute with precision to win the game and detect the impostor:

  • At the beginning of the game, you shall be declared a teammate or imposter.
  • The control options for the player shall be the same as in the case of the impostor, i.e., Mouse or keyboard or in the case of a mobile phone, the touchpad.
  • As a crewmate, you shall be given specific assignments to complete, which you shall have to move to the given room and click on the necessary buttons or the provided “use” option.
  • If you stumble upon the dead body of one of your crew members, you can notify others and declare a meeting. You shall then be taken to a chat room within the game, where you have to analyze the situation, discuss possible clues and suspects, and find the culprit.
  • There are also specific provisions under which you can call meetings urgently, even if you do not find any dead body but have a suspicion. 
  • Those who get killed by the culprit can also perform certain acts or offer help to their mates as a ghost.
  • It is essential to remember that one must try to find the culprit, i.e., the impostor, before it kills everyone else. 
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