How To Beat Level 28 in Homescapes ? New Trick [Apr 2024}

Who is a homescapes fan must be wondering how to beat level 28 in homescapes, which is a famous mobile game that emerged as a puzzle game with a storyline. Users have to reconstruct broken mansions using the pieces of the puzzle. The game has gained massive popularity since 2017 because of its incredible graphics and soothing story. 

The game is structured in a way where the user has to match three tiles of the same color to make them disappear from the board, giving them rewards. The thrilling part of the game is it has features of sending bombs and rockets that are used to clear the blocks. It’s not just that the player gets rewarded with extra points by creating unique combinations. 

What are homescapes? 


Many users are wondering about how to beat level 28 in homescapes. Are they aware of the structure of the game? Here we are to provide all details about the game in bits and pieces. Austin, the player, gets back to his home where he spent all his childhood hood, and a sudden sadness runs through him seeing the mansion broken. The player struggles to rebuild it is a storyline that attracts many users for its storyline. 

Playrix developed this game, which is available in the Apple and Android stores. The developers have added beautiful characters to the story. Players experience the game. As it progresses, they explore and unlock new rooms in the mansion and get to know the details of Austin’s life. 


The visualization of the game is highly realistic and beautifully designed, including the mansion and the entire surrounding. The background sound is thrilling and has calming effects that provide the players with a movie scene experience. 


Before we know how to beat level 28 in homescapes, we need to learn the essentials of the game. Let’s take a brief look at it.

  • Developed by: Playrix
  • Homescapes news available: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Users can download from: the Apple store, Google Play, Amazon, and Galaxy store
  • Contact details:
  • Age rating: Anyone 
  • Reviews: 11.9M reviews
  • Downloads: 100M+ 
  • Users get to watch the trailer
  • Last updated on: 1 March 2023
  • Email:
  • Address: Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland 4th floor, Red Oak North, South Country Business park

How to beat level 28 in homescapes? 


One can easily beat level 28 by following the steps below. Per our research, this can be one of the easiest and most effective ways. Take. A look at it

  • Users need to plan out in detail every move they will play delinquently. The user has to analyze what appears on the screen and plan what can be the next best move. The best move is when the player thoroughly understands how this decision affects the game.
  • The best and easiest way is to create tiles that consist of bombs and rockets that help clear the difficulties in the game that comes with increasing levels. These tiles can be created by matching four or more tiles. 
  • The matches should be done strategically, and every time the matches should be near the bottom, which is helpful to create the line of reactions that can make the tiles pop up and make new and extraordinary combos. 
  • Mindfully use your powers to overcome the most challenging obstacles. 
  • Some levels require continuous efforts, and clearing them out in one go is difficult. The only way to beat it is to keep trying again and again. 

Is homescapes worthy to play? 

As per what we have researched, we can state that this platform has gained popularity because of its unique and accessible features. As it is easy to play, many users were attracted to this site. The game also provides exciting features; players can buy power rods and other in-game equipment that help to lead the game in no time.


The game, in the beginning, provides a thorough basic of the gameplay and briefly explains the player’s life history. From this description, many users can assume how to beat level 28 in homescapes in the easiest way. 

What are the users review on homescapes?

After the research, we noted this platform’s positive and negative aspects. Take a look at it: 

Positive reviews

  • The accessibility is simple and engaging for all age groups. The user stated that the soothing storyline soothes many users and makes them try it. 
  • This game can be played on any device, be it Android, Apple, and windows.
  • The game provides in-app buying that lets users buy powerful items that make them progress in the game in no time. 

Negative reviews

  • We have seen very few negative reviews regarding this platform. Let’s take a look at it. 
  • The users have stated that the game becomes difficult occasionally, it becomes nearly impossible to win without purchasing in-game items, and the prices increase every second and hour. 


After our tips on beating level 28 in homescapes, we conclude that homescapes founded has made a big platform by offering this unique way to get engaged. The game is so easy anyone can access it at any age. The users don’t have to spend to win this. We hope you like our article, and for further feedback, write to us in the comment section below. 

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