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You are a Roblox player and need to be aware of Gobux com. We have gathered information about this platform and brought it to your knowledge.

People are going crazy to win Robux to update their game, for this particular generator was created. The website’s motive is not just to provide Robux and let the gamers experience different props and explore more; it is a huge platform to connect with other players.

In this article, we will read exactly how it works, its essentials, and its advantages and disadvantages. 

What is Gobux com? 


This platform helps you earn credits in players’ accounts, which can be used to enhance their utility in the game, like adding outfits, increasing features, weapons, and visual effects of the game. 

The Robux that it generates can be used one time only. The users need to use it wisely where it is required. These credits also have an expiry date, after which the users cannot invest in their game. 

For the credits, the Roblox player needs to enter the ID in this platform and start with the procedure, which consists of selecting the amount of Robux they need. 


  • Registered in the year 29 January 2000
  • Status: Not working anymore
  • Social media platforms: None
  • Email and Contact details: none
  • This site has been marked safe by DNSFilter
  • Provides free Robux to its users
  • Simple steps toward winning credits
  • Directly credits users account



Here are the advantages gobux com has, which are listed below

  • It has been active for many years
  • This platform is great for all the Roblox enthusiasts
  • Enhance the gaming experience
  • It is entirely free 
  • It provides credit for which some easy steps are to be followed
  • The website design is very smooth and can be accessed by anyone 


Here are certain disadvantages of this website that the users should know about 

  • The website needs to gain more popularity.
  • This website has been blocklisted, for which it is not functioning anymore
  • The proximity of this website is 12/100
  • The website’s design could be better because of this, and it has yet to catch players’ attention. 
  • The website is full of glitches
  • It doesn’t credits users account so many times 
  • The quality of the site is always in question
  • Gobux com is mediocre among all the Robux generating website
  • There are barely any positive remarks one can find

How to collect Robux from gobux com? 

Although the site is pretty mediocre according to our research, one thing that is good about it is that when you get into it, it is quite easy to collect Robux.

  • Users must get into their browsers and go to the official website. 
  • There will be a “Sign up” on the homepage. 
  • The users need to type their username and email address.
  • Furthermore, enter the desired pin, birth year, and phone number, click on agree on terms and conditions, then click on register. 
  • The users need to check their email addresses for verification.

Is this platform safe? 


Per our research, this platform has raised many questions in gamers’ minds because of its poor service. Robux com uses an algorithm that takes the details of its users for which they might get into trouble. 

The research on different platforms shows that they reveal the details of the customers on their websites. This is not a valid instrument that can be used to generate credits for Roblox players. 

It is a third-party site that was created to scam. It asks players for their details and makes them complete a few tasks, after which they do not get any credits in their account.

What are the user reviews? 


Here are the positive and negative users’ review:

Positive Reviews 

After thorough research, we hardly could find very few positive reviews regarding gobux com

  • The users have stated that this platform has been in the business for ages, and it has benefitted them to earn credits.
  • One of the users stated that this is a safe site, as DNSFilter labels it, so there is no doubt this site is a scam.
  • The users have received the most positive response that this site is designed in such a way that it gets really easy to log into it and get the credits in your user account by following a few easy steps, which is easy for all age groups. 

Negative Reviews

 This site has a lot of negative responses from its users. Let us take a look at it. 

  • The users have expressed dissatisfaction in different platforms that their website does not contain any users review, which can help them to differentiate if this is a legit site. 
  • They have a very small number of users, and the website’s design could be better.
  • The users complained that this platform is not SSL-certified like any other Robux site, so the player should never opt for this platform.
  • There are very few positive reviews, and it is only filled with negative reviews. 


The object of gobux com is to provide rewards to purchase different gaming experiences. However, after researching and reading articles about it, we can conclude that this platform is a scam and that users should never opt for it. The website asks for much personal information, which might put someone in trouble as this is a third-party site that needs to be SSL certified. It sends spam emails to the registered email address, and scammers use it for their benefit. This information will help you understand this platform better and help you to decide whether you should go or not for it.

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