Glyderz Scooter and Bike Rental Reviews and Complaints


Per the Glyderz scooter and bike rental reviews 2023 they are giving best price. This rental service is for those who want to ride bikes or scooters. It is available in numbers for which the rider must select their favorite one and pay a nominal fee, according to the hours they want to use it. 


  • Objective: to provide bikes and scooters for rents
  • Address: TX 77002, USA, 930 Main St Suite 103, Houston
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 281974350
  • Date of the website launch: 2022-05-20
  • Date of the website expiry: 2027-05-20
  • Date of website update: 2022-09-22
  • Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook
  • Pricing available: Scooters for kids $5, Bikes $24.99 per hour, Moped as per hours.
  • Offers: 24% off on rental options
  • Membership program: VIP members get access to VIP events and 10% off on all the merchandise. 

About Glyderz scooter and bike rentals?

  • Make your commutation easy by accessing these rental services at an affordable price, and the vehicles are available for all age groups. 
  • The available items look stylish and work efficiently, and at our store, you get a variety of models to choose from. 
  • The pricing is divided as per the hours, and our employees are always available to help you choose the best according to the distance you need to cover and the amount of time you need to travel. 
  • It has made traveling around easy, and because of this, many are looking for Glyderz scooter and bike rental reviews to understand how it works.
  • It is currently running only downtown, and the future objective of the company is to be available in further states. 

Which types of scooters and bikes are available for rent? 


Here are the kinds we have found that are being provided through this platform. Let us have a look. 

  • Kids scooters
  • Bikes
  • Moped


  • As per the Glyderz scooter and bike rental reviews and from the website, we understand that they are providing services hourly, and the price is to be paid accordingly. Unlike other rental services, the customers do not have to pay for 24 hours. 
  • They have vehicles for all age groups, which are safe and efficient, making your travel easy. 
  • Many varieties are available on electric vehicles, and customers can choose from them. All of them look stylish. 
  • They provide VIP membership, for which you can skip a lengthy process. The customer must visit the store and ask the store guy to provide a membership.
  • All the Glyderz scooter and bike rental merchandise are available at an offer after you get the membership. 
  • It provides rental services at a very nominal price of 25% more than any other service provider. They provide pick-up services as well.


  • The VIP membership has to be purchased, and it is not available for those who are regular customers. 

What are the Glyderz scooter and bike rental reviews? 


Here are what the customers of this rental service are talking about on public opinion forum and social media platforms because the official site does not yet have any of it. 

Positive reviews: 

  • One user has stated that he would suggest this service to his friends because it provides rental at a very good price, and the place at Glyderz is good for spending your Saturdays with good food. 
  • Another customer stated that the employees available in the store were quite helpful with every piece of information that was required. 
  • Employees who have worked in the place reviewed that it is a good workplace and the environment is quite friendly. 

Negative reviews: 

  • The customer stated that they had booked three bikes online and paid through a credit card, but after some time, it asked to 9ay additional charges of $5. After paying the amount, they did not get the bike they reserved, and the money was also not refunded. 

Should you prefer Glyderz scooter and bike rental services? 


As per the details mentioned earlier in the Glyderz scooter and bike rental reviews that we have mentioned, one can easily understand that this platform has no substantive drawbacks for which one should not choose it.


The site has disclosed the developer’s details. It has provided a number and email address to contact customer service; it has its vertical running in Downton, because of which we can say it is legitimate. 

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