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Are you curious about Among Us characters venting and how they do it? If you do want to explore it, then you can refer to this article. We have tried to encapsulate all the important details about the famous gaming platform Among Us in our analysis.


The character venting throughout the game is one of the primary factors that keeps gamers interested and adds thrill to the game. You will be a winner when you enter the game with all the necessary information. Thus, for further information, you can go through the article below.

What is Among Us Character Venting?

Players in Among Us have to be in quest of the impostor to win the game and save themselves. Any failure to do so before the impostor goes on a killing spree will also put them under the knife. However, the game has strategically placed escapes or vents for players and the impostor to go from one place to another. 

Quick Facts:

  • Whenever a player reaches the specified cent areas, an option pops up. Pressing that option will take the said play out of the sight and through the vents.
  • It is important to note here that players who opt for it will not be visible to any other.
  • Yet, they can easily be viewed if they are within the vision space of any other player.
  • Once they enter the vents, they can stay there and move without anyone noticing. The only place one can see them is the Mira HQ and the Skeld.
  • The most interesting fact about the vents is that the longer a player stays in it, the worse it gets for the impostor and its assassination attempts.
  • It is also a tricky part for the engineers as they need to possess the ability to linger in the vent.
  • They are on the clock while they enter and must be patient for a certain period for the option to apply again. 
  • On top of that, there are certain points in the game when both parties shall be prohibited from entering the vents. Such a scenario occurs when the clean vent process commences. If, during this period, any player attempts to enter it, a red arrow shall appear in the specified areas. 

About the task


In the game, players must move around on different maps. But what is? Ommon in these maps is the presence of grate-like structures in between. In the game, these are known as vents. They serve a very specific purpose.

It is a boon for the players as it allows them to hide. As soon as they enter the vents, it becomes impossible for the players to search for their labels. Now, one may wonder about the purpose of hiding between the games. The rules of certain situations will arise when the imposter either has to hide after a kill or hide to kill. In any of these cases, vents become necessary. But the most important point is that players, specifically imposters, can quickly escape through these vents. 


It takes only a few seconds to go from one place to another because of the placement of each vent. They are strategically placed to make the to and fro convenient for the players. However, certain areas in various areas are undiscoverable through vents and should remain so. Therefore, Among Us character venting is a task that should be carried out with extreme caution and cleverness. 

Among us, character venting is one of the trickiest and funniest features of the game. It keeps the platform entertaining and full of surprises. But some players are always willing to know each map and vents to stay ahead of competitors. We have enlisted each map along with the vents down below:

List of Maps and Vents

  • The Skeld: Lower/Upper Engine interconnecting the reactors; Security, Medbay, Electrical; Cafeteria, O2, Admin,l; Weapons and shields pacing towards the navigation.
  • Polus Map: Nortt-west/east corridor, admin, laboratory, storage, communication, South corridor.
  • Mira HQ: Available vents in almost all rooms
  • Airship: vents as a connection between viewing dock and vault, engine room, kitchen, main hall, entries in gap room, records, cargo bay, and showers.

Why do the impostors leave the room?


It is common for or almost essential for impostors to leave the room for two reasons. As the impostor, they must execute their plan of killing off crewmates. In their endeavors to do so, they need to be quite sharp while planning the kills, which also require the element of surprise. Thus, they leave the room to shoot through the vents and kill their targets.

Apart from this, leaving the room or among us character venting is necessary immediately after a kill. When they execute their plans, they must run and hide quickly. The search shall begin as soon as the alarm goes off, which might put them in trouble. Thus, they need to leave the room to stay safe and escape from the scene. 

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