Damonbux.com Reviews | How to get Robux? [2023]

How to get Robux from Damonbux.com, is it a legit website? In this article, you will get all details and the user reviews. Also, know the process to encash benefits.

This is yet another portal in the spotlight for providing Robux, often known as Robux. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of upgrading the amount of Robux on your Roblox account.

However, you all know that we must buy Robux in exchange for real money! So, people are always looking for Robux generator websites like Damonbux. But do they work? Are they safe? Let’s find out.

What is the Damonbux website?


It is a third-party website all over the Roblox users’ Google search these days. This is because the website claims to offer Robux without charging money. The majority of websites like these will ask the user to complete a game/task/survey in return for some amount of Robux.

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Damonbux.com is no different. It works on a Barter System to give the users Robux. Once you enter your Roblox username on this portal, it will ask you to either fill up surveys, join in the giveaway drives, or recommend the website to your friends. Only then you’ll be able to acquire Robux.


  • No charges involved


  • No factual data is available concerning this website
  • It’s not a registered trademark by Roblox Corporation
  • Asks the users to complete surveys and quizzes
  • The website’s URL is different from the Domain name

Different features of the Damonbux website

  • The website claims to provide unlimited Roblox currency.
  • The website claims that the Roux obtained will be transferred immediately to your linked account.
  • The website doesn’t take any user’s personal data except for the Roblox username.
  • The website claims to feature the greatest reimbursement percentages.

How to get Robux from this website?

  • Visit the website
  • Type your Roblox username
  • Click “Next”
  • Click “Get R$”
  • You’ll be redirected to a page asking you to complete offers in return for R$.
  • Complete the random survey and win R$, in a survey you may be asked for watching videos and participate in the survey and such tasks.

Is Damonbux.com safe and legit?


Many websites/webpages advertise Roblox cash or Robux giveaways. Sadly, we do not know its reliability or data privacy. It also applies in the context of Damonbux.

First and foremost, the domain name will direct you to a page with a different URL rbxpurple(dot)com/earn. It is the first point that made us suspicious about the website.

Second, it asks you to complete quizzes and surveys. Additionally, this portal will ask you to refer it to your friends and join the giveaway drives. Any webpage that invites you to participate in polls and surveys must be avoided. What’s more, the website will even ask you to install or open different apps on your laptops, smartphones, or PC.


Furthermore, Damonbux is not even registered by Roblox Corporation. We also discovered that the website is poorly constructed and often becomes inaccessible. To top it up, we couldn’t find reliable information regarding its authenticity on the official website. Lastly, we couldn’t even get our hands on any information on “About us,” “Contact,” or “Policy” when researching.

To sum it up, we cannot regard this portal as safe. Therefore, you must think twice before visiting this or even other sites like this.

User reviews

We know the importance of customer feedback before trying out any new stuff. The same applies to Damonbux.com as well. However, we couldn’t locate any website that would tell the users’ experiences who’ve earned Robux from this site. We couldn’t even get our hands on the information if anyone has even gotten Robux from this site by completing surveys.


Since it’s an unregistered website, people should be careful while visiting it, if at all they’re opening the portal. A majority of the review websites have considered it a scam and unsafe.


To summarize, Buxprize’s trustworthiness and authenticity are unknown. As a result, we couldn’t locate any Metadata, which undermines the legitimacy and quality of Damonbux.com. Therefore, even if the website claims to supply Robux for free, you should think twice before accessing it.

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