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Watch CrackStreams NBA anytime and from anywhere? This is a platform for all the sports enthusiasts who can watch all the streaming of different games. Let us see more about this.

In this article, we will see how you can see the streaming and if there are any pros. This article will also cover the cons of using this site and the procedure for viewing it. Not only that, the reviews given by the users shall also be seen, so let us begin. 

What is CrackStreams?


Suppose you are unable to go to a stadium and see a basketball match or your favorite sport. In that case, this is the site where you can watch live streaming of different sports like the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), etc. On CrackStreams NBA, you can even see boxing.

You don’t have to pay to use this site as it is free of cost. The gaming matches are free to watch; you can even see them in HD quality. The users need not subscribe to this site. For more details about this streaming platform, continue reading this article, as we will look into the specifications in the next section.


  • LiveStreams – this is an option you can find on the site, and once you click on it, you can watch your chosen sport live.
  • Email ID – The email address of the site is not mentioned.
  • Timings – Beside each sport, you can view when the match begins. 
  • Teams – the site even displays information about the teams facing each other in a game.
  • Cricket – by clicking on this option, you can see if there are any ongoing matches.
  • Formula 1 – even the race can be seen live.

There are different games you can see through this site. Let us see the pros and cons of CrackStreams NBA in the coming sections.


  • One of the significant benefits of using this site is that users don’t have to pay any fees for using this platform.
  • The website is not limited to its options, as there are various games that you can stream.
  • All the sports information, like the teams and the time, is given on the webpage.
  • There is no need for the users even to create an account or register to view the matches.


  • Due to specific reasons like licensing, the users might not always view the athletic events.
  • If you face any technical issue like the one mentioned above, you must forego viewing the event live.
  • If the site is facing any legal issues, in that case, too, it becomes unreliable, forcing the viewers to look for other alternatives.

How to watch CrackStreams NBA?

If you want to watch a basketball match that involves your favorite player eagerly and, due to unavoidable reasons, you can’t watch it physically, by using this site, you can stream it online and that too live. Let us see how – 

  • Ensure that your desktop has the proper net speed to avoid interruptions.
  • Open your browser and go to the website.
  • After you open the site, you will see an option titled “NBA.” Click on it.
  • All you have to do is choose the match you are interested in and click the “live streams” option. 

That’s it; enjoying your favorite sport while sitting at home is simple.

Alternates of CrackStreams?

While the site can become unreliable at times due to its issues, it’s prudent to be aware of the alternatives of this streaming platform. The other choices are – 

  • NBA Streams – if you are interested in watching the basketball matches exclusively, this is your option.
  • Live TV – as the name suggests, you can see different sports from different parts of the world while the match goes on.
  • ESPN is yet another option to watch football and other games along with the highlights and the scores.
  • CricFree – It is a site with different events involving sports, and it has online channels, too.
  • Buffstreams – According to Reddit, this is reliable and has a unique feature where you can chat with others.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • A user on Quora stated that the site is legitimate, as she has viewed more than 100 matches.
  • Another user reviewed that he enjoyed watching it on his PC.

Negative Reviews

  • One of the users said that the site is unsafe and risky.
  • The site is illegal, as another user stated, as it might have some harmful links. 
  • Another user said that in some countries, it is illegal.

Is it safe to watch CrackStreams?


The users must have gained insights about CrackStreams NBA; now let us see if it is safe to use the site. We have researched and found reviews on Quora stating that the website is illegal. The only place where it is legal is Canada. There are specific issues with the copyright as well.

There are even mixed reviews online about the site; for some people, it worked well, whereas for others, they faced technical issues. Hence, some risks are associated with it. Users are advised to exercise caution, and they can choose alternatives as well. 

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