Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Premium Economy – Reviews 2023

Do you want to experience traveling in Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner premium economy and want to know more about it? Then you have hit the right spot as we always furnish facts that have been gotten down from reliable sources. In this article, we will get you all the small details required to make your journey worth it. 

We all want to be comfortable traveling when we have too long a journey. Today’s generation wants all the features and equipment that will make their journey memorable, and the flight we are talking about necessarily has got it all sorted. To make all this possible, the premium economy class is designed with a multifunctional and class apart system that will make your stay on the flight worthwhile. 

About Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner 

It is one of the biggest designed aircraft dedicated to premium economy class. Nevertheless, due to its eccentric features, it has been dedicated to both economy and business classes. This has been a talk among regular travelers due to its excellent services.


On the flight, the travelers enjoy every entertainment, that is, personal television, a huge collection of shows and channels to watch, that are movies or television. They also get to connect to different games and play in them. 

For those carrying kids on the journey, engaging them in some activities will be helpful because the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner premium economy will keep you from getting bored on your flight.

Travelers do not have to be worried about what to eat because they get exclusive dining; here, they can enjoy a classy restaurant with different cuisine with drinks and meal services available.

Technical specifications

  • Engine: GEnx-1B/Trent 1000
  • Range nmi: 6,330 nm
  • Wingspan: 60 m (197 ft)
  • Passenger limit: 336
  • Length: 68 m (224 ft)
  • Height: 17 m (56 ft)


  • In the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner premium economy, the passenger can enjoy an aisle view available for those who choose business class. The aisle-side view is available with a 180-degree bed with comfort.
  • Every bit of entertainment required by the passengers is available on the flight. That is, they are given a big screen where they can watch and play. 
  • The flight has ample gaps between each seat so they can have space to move their leg. 
  • The food quality is awesome, and they provide breakfast for free, and the passengers can enjoy dining with different cuisines.
  • The travelers sleep with a fully furnished bed that is soft and comfortable. It has got enough length. 
  • The privacy and security on this flight are up to the mark. They provide personal wardrobe space to the passengers.
  • The flight has got emergency medical facility available inside it. 
  • There is a gallery where passengers can have a good time with many available stores and games to explore. 
  • The crew members are helpful and always there to assist.


  • There are only 45 seats available on the aisle side in Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner premium economy 
  • Booking your seat could be clearer on their official website.
  • The beds available in business class to rest are too narrow and will not let the passenger move.

What are the user reviews of Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner premium economy?


To provide authentic details so you can make a justified decision, we went to different platforms to check how comfortable this flight has been for the travelers so we save your finances. There are no negative reviews that this economy class has received. Let us check it out: 

Positive reviews: 

  • The travelers have talked about the advantages of flying: they have a classy interior and enough space for your body to move, which is impossible on any other flight. 
  • The passengers can choose their seats by booking online and navigating the entire flight, which is amazing.
  • The passengers have also stated that the flight has everything to make the journey memorable for all the entertainment they have made available. 

Negative reviews: 

  • The passengers have stated it gets difficult to dook your tickets as they are most likely to get sold. 
  • Navigating this one is difficult as no sign is being used to inform the passengers about United Airlines.


What are the best seats on United 787 premium economy?

And: The best seats are 27A and 27L


Does Boeing 787 have premium economy seats?

Ans: Yes, they do

Is the premium economy good for United Airlines?


Ans: Yes, it starts from ambiance to the available services. Everything is top-notch 

Does United 787-9 have a premium economy?

Ans: Yes, they do.

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