Big Country Sporting Goods legit? Not Received! (Sept 23)

Is Big Country Sporting Goods legit or not? is an online platform where you can get multiple products. We found a few reviews which you must read in the below section.


In this article, we will discuss the legitimacy of the site and the different items sold here. This article will cover the reviews, feedback, the advantages and disadvantages of this United States based platform, so let us begin.

What is

Before we determine whether the Big Country Sporting Goods legit, let us see what the store is about. Based in the United States, it is an online store that sells products that are related to sports. 


Customers interested in buying from them can only shop via the online store rather than through a walk-in. Once you enter their website, you can see that the goods are divided into eight categories, and under each Category, you have a different set of goods.

Types of products:

  • First Category – Here, you can buy lights, sights, optics, archery, etc.
  • Second Category – headwear, gun-care, etc. items can be brought from this Category.
  • Third Category – Electronics, tasers, and gun cases are sold in this Category.
  • Fourth Category – Bullet and steel items are available here.
  • Fifth Category – all boats, batteries, etc. items are available in this section.
  • Sixth Category – gears, powders, etc., are sold in this Category.
  • Seventh Category – Crossbows, footwear, decoys, etc. are sold in this section.
  • Eight Category – In this section, you can shop for pro-ear items, arms, bullets, etc.


  • Email ID – You can mail them to
  • Contact Number – The website doesn’t mention their contact number.
  • Address – Big Country Sporting Goods 632 Aero Way Escondido, CA 92029.
  • Brands – they have products from brands like RCBS, Berkley, etc. 
  • Payment – Customers can make online payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, etc.
  • Subscribe – by entering their email, the users can subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Shipping – Within 7-20 days, the items are shipped. Shipping rates are fixed based on the weight of the item ordered.
  • Return Policy – If the items are returned within 30 days, a refund is given to the customers.
  • Privacy Policy – It came into effect on August 1, 2013, stating how personal information is collected and used for billing purposes.
  • Gift Certificates – You can purchase, redeem, and check your balance. In this section, you can even choose a theme.

Let us see the pros and cons, and in the later sections, we will see about Big Country Sporting Goods legit and even the reviews by the users.


  • It is a one-stop platform to purchase all types of sports items.
  • All the items are segregated, and you can choose accordingly.
  • You can even buy gift certificates for others.
  • If you return an item within 30 days, they give a refund.
  • Shipping charges need not be paid on a few items.
  • They even have a newsletter to which the users can subscribe.


  • Only the residents of the United States are exempted from paying the shipping fees.
  • If you want to visit the store, it is not possible as only online shopping is permissible.
  • Shipping fees are charged based on the item’s weight, and it is rounded to the next pound.

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave five stars as he liked the company’s professionalism.
  • Another also showed a similar rating and appreciated their customer service.
  • A customer received the order without any issues.
  • A user ordered bullets, and she received them.
  • After a user canceled her item, the store refunded her.

Negative Reviews

  • Only one star was given by a user as she didn’t like the customer service.
  • A user lost her money as she got no refund, and the site still needs to reply to her emails.
  • Magazines were ordered by another user, which the user later canceled, and the store didn’t refund her.
  • Another user placed her order, but the order was not delivered even after four months.
  • A user, while ordering, found the item to be in stock, but after ordering, she found it was out of stock.

Is Big Country Sporting Goods legit?


Let us see if the site is legit and safe to shop. The website provides the users with details like their email ID, address, and terms and conditions. The shipping policy and return policy are also given. The site, however, doesn’t allow the users to shop directly from their store.

We found mixed reviews, and according to Google reviews, it received a 1.6-star rating out of 5, which indicates that its service is poor. Hence, though the site may be legit, the customer service could be better, and a few orders were not delivered.



During our research into whether is Big Country Sporting Goods legit or not, we found mixed reviews from the buyers. Some customers received their orders, and others still need their refund.

Hence, the users must be careful and instead look for more certain websites that deliver the goods to the users. We hope you liked our article; please remember to rate us.

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