How To Get Adopt Me Pets – [2023]


How to get Adopt Me pets? In this article, we have given all the details with legit suggestions on getting the pets. There are a few latest updates that you must know.

It’s a unique game where you can adopt pets. Moreover, it is trending no. 1 with Roblox as well! Isn’t it impressive? Keep reading to know everything related to this game.

What is Adopt me?

The game- Adopt Me Pets is quite self-descriptive in itself. However, let me tell you what it is precisely in detail. Initially, Adopt Me! was all about playing a pretentious game involving the adoption of a virtual child.


However, as the game flourished among a broad range of users, the developers upgraded it to a game where the users have the provision to adopt a pet.

This game is so interesting that not only kids, even parents, love to play it! It was developed by one of the most reputed game studios- Uplift games. Another reason people are interested in the game is multiple users can play it. There’s no limit to how many users play this game. The essential technique to getting one of the pets on the platform is hatching eggs.

You must hatch eggs if you want to adopt your pet! Users may use Roblox money (Robux) or even money to purchase different categories of pets. Even though you can do transactions with the help of Robux, the main currency of Adopt Me! is Bucks.


The pet categories in Adopt Me Pets are classified into five different sections depending upon how rarely they’re available and how much they cost.

 Let us have a look at the categories on Adopt Me:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Ultra-rare
  5. Legendary

Once you hatch the egg and get a pet, your pet will go through different growing phases like any real pet. Different stages that the users will witness are:

  • Newborn stage
  • Junior stage
  • Pre-teen stage
  • Teen stage
  • Post-teen stage
  • Full-grown stage

You must also know about the different types of eggs present within the game:

  • Starter Egg  
  • Cracked Egg
  • Pet Egg         
  • Royal Egg
  • Ocean Egg   
  • Safari
  • Jungle Egg      
  • Farm Egg      
  • Fossil Egg     
  • Aussie Egg   
  • Christmas Egg

What’s more captivating is if you have 4 of the same kinds of pets and all of them have reached their “Full-grown” stage, you can merge them to develop a “Neon” pet.

There’s more!!! You can also merge 4 same kinds of Full-grown Neon pets to obtain one Mega-Neon pet.


  • Website:
  • Developed by: Uplift Games
  • Created on: July 14, 2017
  • Number of likes:  5 million
  • Number of visits: 28 billion
  • Concurrent users: more than 1.92 million
  • Number of pets available: more than 200
  • Social media presence: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Discord
  • Mail id for business-related queries:
  • Available in: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia

What are the pets available in Adopt Me?

This game is among the most preferred personalized videogames that can be found on Roblox. It’s absolutely adorable, enabling users to nurture several pets, select clothes for them, design their home, and socialize with other active users.


Now that you’ve acquired a basic understanding of Adopt Me!, let’s know about the different Adopt Me Pets available on the platform.

Common PetsUncommon PetsRare PetsUltra-Rare PetsLegendary Pets
BandicootBlue DogAustralian KelpieAlbino BatAlbino Monkey
BuffaloBlack PantherBeaverArctic FoxArctic Reindeer
CatChocolate LabBrown BearBeeBat Dragon
ChickDrakeBunnyBusiness MonkeyCerberus
Ground SlothDingoDilophosaurusSanta Dog DalmatianDiamond  Ladybug
OtterFennec FoxElephantDeinonychusDodo
RobinGlyptodonElf ShrewElf HedgehogDragon
Tasmanian Pink CatEmuFlamingoEvil Unicorn
StingrayMeerkatHyenaFrogFrost Dragon
 Pet RockMonkeyGhost BunnyFrost Fury
 PumaMusk OxHorseGiraffe
 Silly DuckLunar OxKoalaGolden Dragon
 Snow PumaPigLadybugGolden Griffin
 StegosaurusPolar BearLambGolden Unicorn
 TriceratopsPterodactylLionGolden Ladybug
 Wild BoarRabbitLlamaGolden Penguin
 WolfRatLunar OxGolden Rat
 CrabRhinoPenguinGuardian Lion
  Snow PumaPlatypusKangaroo
  SwanRed PandaKitsune
  SeahorseRed SquirrelKing Bee
  Narwhal       Toy MonkeyMonkey King
   SabtertoothNinja Monkey
   Shiba InuMetal Ox
    Queen Bee
    Robo Dog
    Shadow Dragon
    Snow Owl
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Diamond Dragon
    Diamond Griffin
    Diamond Unicorn

Is Adopt Me Pets legit?

Yes, this website and the game are 100% legit. It has an excellent rating on Trustpilot, i.e., 4.5 stars. Almost 83% of people on Trustpilot have given Adopt me an “Excellent” rating. Additionally, it is one of the most trending games available on Roblox!

Adopt Me’s website is beautifully designed and has all information that a user might need to go through. It has even got information about its developer, i.e., Uplift Games. So there’s no way it is a scam. Plus it also has a fabulous social media presence and is active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, as well as Discord.

What are the user reviews?


While researching about Adopt Me Pets, we found tons of positive feedback. Users thoroughly enjoy this game hence the massive amount of concurrent user status! Almost 85% of the users have praised this platform.

However, most negative reviews were centred on communication gaps and scammers. A lot of people complained that some users scammed them. In addition, some have complained that the delivery of their pet was delayed.


Adopt Me! has surged in popularity, particularly among kids, and this trend is only expected to grow exponentially in the future. However, the only primary concern is scamming. So, be mindful and careful while playing it.

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