Xborder Ecommerce Legit? 100+ Reviews [July 2023]


In this article, we will see whether it is Xborder Ecommerce Legit or not. As the name suggests, it is a business doing e-commerce and is a famous brand. They have different services provided to their customers. 

They even have a bi-platform where there are different teams and tools. In this article, we will see what all the website has got to offer and the advantages and disadvantages of using this website.

What is Xborder E-commerce?


They are an e-commerce solution provider based in China, leading with its various services. All the e-commerce value chain aspects include digital marketing, warehousing, store operations, IT solutions, etc.

Their business is inclusive of China’s most prominent malls like JD. Com and Tmall. They even have online and offline stores of the largest shopping malls where you can shop. Their mission is to believe in technology in which the future is empowered. A total of 8 categories is included in their list of brands.

But is Xborder Ecommerce Legit? We will find it out.


  • Name of the website – Xborder E-commerce
  • Company situated at- China.
  • Contact Number – 1-881-766-8099
  • Address – Pudong New Area, Shanghai
  • Email – xenia.xi@xborderpay.com
  • Vision – To become a global business partner with the fast-moving technology
  • Mission – they believe that success is empowered by future
  • Terms of use – not given
  • Privacy policy – most of the websites keep their terms of use and their privacy policy, but these are not mentioned on their website
  • Customer staff – more than 70
  • Cities- they are in 5 cities, namely London, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong, and Singapore.
  • Languages- they operate in more than two languages.

We will shortly see – is Xborder Ecommerce Legit or not


  • The website has a detailed customer service that explains how they operate services to their customers
  • Their customer staff is more than 70 
  • They serve market place and independent website
  • They are in more than two cities
  • English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Chinese support are available in the above languages.
  • They collect feedback through Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • They even have a customer guide
  • Consultation services are also provided


  • They are not available on social media
  • The owner of the website and the details of the same are not revealed
  • There are negative reviews for this company
  • Fake trusted seals from organizations are there that are not authorized
  • The terms of use have not been given
  • The privacy policy is not explained 
  • It has produced images that have been stolen from other websites

Is Xborder Ecommerce legit?

Here comes the most awaited part of the article. Opening their website displays information related to them, their services, and their contact details.


They have customer service, which explains what services they offer. In a description of their company, they have stated that they have offline and online malls and the products they provide to the customers. But those products have yet to be mentioned.

There are negative reviews about the company; hence, it is not legit.

Customer Reviews

Let us look at the reviews given by the customer –

Positive Reviews – 

  • A customer has commented that he has got his product. A necklace was ordered and found to be of perfect size.
  • Another customer has discovered the service team is accommodating.

Still trying to figure out whether Xborder Ecommerce Legit. Don’t worry; we got that covered for you.

Negative Reviews – 

  • A customer ordered a gardening bed and found the size and design inappropriate to what he had ordered.
  • A customer has ordered pallets, which still need to be received. 
  • A set of power tools was ordered, and though the order was not delivered, the customer got a mail stating that the order was delivered, and hence the customer got cheated.
  • An order of 40 items was given, but only three were delivered, and hence the customer found the services could have been better.
  • A user has reviewed, stating that the users should not use or buy the products from this company as it is a scam.


Is Xborder Ecommerce Legit? The readers must have got an answer by now, and the company has not given any pertinent details regarding the owner, and most essential of all – the terms of use have also not been given.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the website does deliver products; after looking at the pros, cons, and reviews given for this website – the only thing that the users can do is to be aware, and if they think it’s trustworthy, they can go ahead. We hope you found this article helpful; please give us your comments. 

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