World of Stands Codes (APR-2024)


For a deeper understanding of the World of Stands codes, explore this piece to gain a perspective on the code intricacies.

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About World of Stands

World of Stands is a Roblox game, combining elements of fighting and open-world adventure, drawing inspiration from the animated series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Participants acquire Stand Abilities using the Stand Arrow, engaging in battles against bosses and adversary Stand users. Additionally, players have the option to engage in combat with friends or join a matchmaking queue.

Upon entering the Roblox World of Stands interface, the imperative is to procure a Stand and adeptly grasp its array of maneuvers. Securing a Stand necessitates acquiring a Stand Arrow strategically positioned throughout the in-game environment. Subsequently, unleashing your Stand on the battlefield becomes paramount, engaging in confrontations with NPCs, formidable bosses, and fellow players.

Collaborating with fellow participants provides a strategic advantage when confronting formidable adversaries. Engaging in friendly duels with acquaintances or entering a matchmaking queue for spontaneous battles is also an option. In the PvP arena, whether executing strikes or exhibiting nimble evasions, you have the opportunity to refine your combat prowess significantly.


Integral to the World of Stands experience, quests stand out as a fundamental element. Achieving proficiency in the game necessitates undertaking these missions, facilitating the advancement of both your Stand and character levels.

In addition to earning experience points (XP), quests guide you to concealed areas on the map. It is imperative to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of the map to unveil hidden treasure chests, discover secret locales, and encounter unexpected scenarios.

How to play it?

  • Acquire your initial Stand. Upon initial login, secure a Stand through enemy triumphs. Attaining a Stand involves self-inflicting an arrow wound, with the likelihood contingent on your level multiplied by two.
  • Utilize the arrow’s power. Following triumphs over adversaries, consult Jonathan to obtain an arrow. To employ the arrow, navigate to the Menu, opt for Inventory, and activate the arrow by selecting ‘Use.’ The initial Stand acquired through this process is the Anubis blade.
  • Attain Bounty Points. Accumulate Bounty Points through the defeat of fellow players. Trade BP for Locacaca Fruits and Stand Arrows, or discover these items within chests dispersed throughout the map.
  • Different keys should be used in the game, such as the space bar to jump and the F key to interact with the objects and utilize the abilities of other items.
  • Eliminate a Stand. Opt for Locacacas in your possession to eradicate a Stand. This action initiates a character reset, providing an opportunity to experiment with another arrow.

What are the latest World of Stands codes 2024?

Players can utilize various codes to endure the gaming experience, safeguarding against swift-level losses. These codes enable players to claim rewards like cash, skins, avatars, etc. It is crucial for players to note that once a code is utilized, redemption becomes unavailable. As per available information, the World of Stands 2024 codes are:

  • REDEMPTION, 2 arrows, 2 shiny arrows and 4 Roka
  • 1YEAR, rewards can be redeemed by players above level 10
  • WORSELEASE1, Shiny arrow
  • SHINYENJOYER, rewards can be redeemed by players above level 15
  • NIICE, rewards can be redeemed in level 20
  • WOSSUMER, can used to redeem rewards in the game
  • NIIICE, 2 Loca and 7500 gold but player must be in level 20 or above
  • SHINYPLS, shiny arrow

How to redeem it?


To redeem a code in World of Stands, the players must enter the main menu that is located in the lower right corner of the main page in the World of Stands Roblox game.

Within the primary menu, proceed to the Stats/Settings submenu by selecting the grey tab situated at the options list’s bottom. Input your code into the textbox labelled “Codes” and press “Redeem” to acquire your complimentary items and rewards.

Take note that redeeming World of Stands codes requires achieving the requisite level for each specific code. This could be Level 10, Level 15, or Level 20, depending on the individual code’s prerequisites. If facing difficulties in redemption, prioritize levelling up beforehand.

What are the alternate ways to get such codes?


Players should consistently seek out World of Stands codes for their benefit, obtaining them from platforms like YouTube and the internet. Renowned sports websites such as Sportskeeda and MSN regularly provide updated promo codes, ensuring players can redeem them weekly.

Upon inputting these codes on the game’s Codes page, users experience satisfaction as they access promotional codes that sustain their vitality, allowing progression to the subsequent game levels.

Is using third party websites for codes safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use third party websites such as Sportskeeda, MSN as they are trusted websites. These websites do not encourage any virus malware and the gamers can completely trust these websites to obtain codes to redeem rewards and gifts.


Gamers should consistently search for the most recent codes to unlock optimal rewards within the game. Obtain these codes from external platforms like Sportskeeda, MSN, and YouTube. This article aims to provide insight into the World of Stands 2024 codes, their redemption process, and gameplay strategies.

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