Wiziwig | Stream Now! NFL, NBA, MMA (How to watch?)


Want to see live streaming of your favorite sports? Then tune into wiziwig because it will stream live and give upcoming sports, score updates and live discussion. But some say this channel is unavailable now; what’s the alternative to check out?

Many websites allow such services, but we will tell you which to prefer in this informative article. We have listed all working live-streaming websites that will enable you to enjoy all sports formats for free. Also, let me know whether using such a platform is safe for you. Please read the full article to know in detail.


Demand for live stream channel

In the moving pace of life, sometimes it becomes difficult to connect and watch our favorite sports, especially for office goings or working professionals. You can only watch your loved programs for a fee. For that, you have to take paid packages or have to take cable connections.

To avoid the such fuss, various independent sports lover developers created websites like wiziwig. Many other platforms also offer the same services, which we will discuss later in the below section. However, we all know not all come for free, so they provide access to all but include advertisements and do promotions to become a win-win situation.

What is wiziwig?


As we narrated in the above section that it’s an open live-stream platform. Not only sports, but you can also enjoy other services like Radio broadcasts and Live TV. The sports you can enjoy via this platform are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Moto GP
  • Hockey and other

But we found that many viewers are unhappy because the website currently needs to be fixed. The reason is due to some issues with the creators, which is why the team needs to regulate the website at present, but they decided to offer the service via wiziwig.me. 


The visitors liked this platform because it allows you to access various sports and input the live score, match updates, and live discussion, which is more convenient for those who can’t stream at that moment.

What is the alternate website to watch live sports?

We know how difficult it is to digest that their favorite website is not working, but we have many alternate options that you will continue to enjoy your live streaming, which is:

  • Streameast(dot)xyz 
  • Vipbox(dot)ic
  • Weakstreams(dot)com
  • Sportsurge(dot)net
  • Vipbox(dot)tv
  • Futball libre Tv

All these platforms provide the same services and give you an option of the premium package, which includes other national and international events and sports. For more details, you can visit the website to check the current updates.

What are the user reviews on the unavailability of Wiziwig?


We came across many reference articles and public forums, including many feedbacks on the need to fix the website. Most viewers mentioned that we were upset that the channel was not working and brought it down. No matter whatever is the reason but not where they can watch it all without any issue.

Is streaming from such sources safe?

There is a lot of discussion in various public forums about whether to prefer it. But from an expert point of view, referring to such a platform is safe until it doesn’t ask you for your details. There is some region where you can only access it via VPN. Otherwise, it is not an issue to use it.


Thus, we can say that knowing the alternate options on “How to watch live stream” helped you to continue enjoying. However, please let us know if you want to share your thoughts on this or need help connecting the mentioned website.

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