Why is Headless Horseman So Expensive? Get it Now!


Are you curious to know Why is headless horseman so expensive? Then you are at the right place as we will tell you the reasons and what it is about. In the Roblox game, there are various items that the players purchase, and it is a platform where you can play and create items.

In this article, we will first see what this item is all about, at what times it is available in the store for purchase, and how much it costs for the gamers to buy. You will also get to know how you are supposed to make the purchase, so let us begin.

What is Headless Horseman?


Before we find out Why is headless horseman so expensive, let us first see what it is. In the Roblox game, there are many items that the players buy virtually using the in-game currency called Robux. They can buy a lot of items and can even upgrade their gaming level with the help of these rewards.

Headless Horseman is a character in the game that, if purchased, will help gamers kill other characters without their heads. This implies that it is considered very powerful, as you can kill and make any character headless with the help of this character.

How to buy it?

Let us now see how you can buy this item. Whenever players are interested in making a purchase, they do that with the help of Robux. There are various ways through which you can get it. Once you have enough money, then you can follow the steps given below – 

  • Login to the Roblox website.
  • Search for the character.
  • Click on Buy, and you can give the required amount of Robux and get the item.
  • There you go. This item is all yours now. 

In the coming sections of this article, we will see Why is headless horseman so expensive. But before that, let us see what this item’s price is. 

How much is a headless horseman?

This item is quite expensive in the Roblox store; let us see the price in this section of the article. You must have at least $387, converted in terms of Robux – thirty-one thousand Robus. The gamers must have this amount, and only then can they buy it.


You can get the rewards in various ways. The first and obvious source is directly purchasing from the Roblox store, and you can even buy from Robux-generating websites. If you have friends or family who play the game, you can receive it from them, too. But make sure that you have the requisite amount.

When is Headless Horseman available?

As the item is expensive, it is not available throughout the year. This item can be brought by gamers only during the time of Halloween. Only during this time you can see the item is for sale. The sale for this item begins in the month of October, as Halloween is celebrated during this month.

It stays for one month, and the last date for you to purchase it is until the first week of November. The highest demand for this item was seen in 2013 when only within four days, it was sold. 

Why is headless horseman so expensive?


Let us now see what are the reasons for the item being very pricy – 

  • With the help of this character, the gamers can kill other characters and even kill them without heads. This item’s quality makes it unique, so it has high demand, too.
  • This item, as mentioned earlier, can be brought by gamers only during one month of the year and not throughout; hence, it is not so common, which is another reason why it is high in price.
  • There is no option to get this character for free of cost, and hence, if the players want, they can only buy it when it is available, and the demand is very high.


At the end of this article, we can conclude that the players must ensure they have sufficient money to buy this item. Many people don’t have the required amount, so they miss out on using this character for their game.

Hence, we hope you understand Why is headless horseman so expensive in this article; please don’t forget to rate our article. 

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