Travis Kelce Girlfriend | Networth, Wife? (2023)


We will give revives on Travis Kelce girlfriend in this bulletin. We as a whole love looking for our appreciated celebs as group people. 

We truly need each of the insights on who’s getting hitched to whom. Fulfill your curiosity; beneath are a few insights on Travis Kelce Darling. Let’s move across with the article.

Travis Kelce Girlfriend – Kayla Nicole


Real NameKayla Nicole
occupation journalist, actor, youtuber, model, influencer
date of birth2 November 1991
relationship statusin a relationship 
spouse/bf nametravis kelce
net worth2 million dollars

Travis’ darling is Kayla Nicole, and the pair started the relationship in 2017. Kayla is a beauty pageant winner and a computer games essayist. Ensuring a relationship with Travis, she became the famous face and has been at the center of interest for her linkups with the player. She has worked as an editorialist for NBA and BET.

About Travis Kelce


NameTravis Kelce
Real nameTravis Michael kelce
Date of birth5 October 1989
Net worth12 Million Dollars 
OccupationAmerican Footballer
Relationship statusIn a relationship

Born on 5 October 1989, he is a well-known footballer of public football connection’s Kansas City. He is extremely popular in the United States. Travis joined the NFL draft in 2013, and he was pretty young when the organization selected him. 

He was always keen on playing football since childhood and also won the super bowl and achieved San Francisco 49ers for the team. Travis has a whopping worth of 12 million dollars. He graduated from the College of Cincinnati.

Do Kayla and Travis have kids?


Recently, through their Instagram posts, they revealed the birth of their second daughter, Elliott. Before Elliott, they had their first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce, born on 2 October 2019. Travis revealed about Wyatt on his Instagram handle, where he was seen putting his head on his daughter’s chest. 

When did Kayla and Travis start dating?

The duo started dating in 2017. Before Kayla, Travis was dating Maya Banbury. After being in a relationship with Maya for some time, he broke up with her and, sooner in 2017, started dating Kayla. 

There were issues between them that let Kayla delete all his posts on her social media. It was indeed a temporary breakup, and the reason was that he was too familiar with another woman. 


Sooner, they revealed that they had taken a break from the relationship. But after some time, Kayla was seen cheering for the man in his team’s jersey. 

What does Kayla do for a living, and what is her net worth?

Travis Kelce girlfriend, Kayla, is a YouTuber and a journalist. She started making videos at the age of 13. And due to the channel’s popularity, she started making money out of it. 

Besides YouTube videos, she collaborated with different brands to make a living. She began her career with the malibu surfside news channel. She has a degree in journalism and has also collaborated with famous brands. She was born on 5 October 1989. 

When is the duo getting married?


Their fans are eagerly waited to know if they are married or not or are planning to get married soon. But, Sadly, neither the two of them are married, nor are they even engaged. However, they live in a relationship and stay together for a long time. 

Recently in one of their live interviews, they were seen playing truth and false, so one of the fans asked if she was pregnant again. She denied the rumors by stating a clear NO.


Since we’ve shared the details about Travis Kelce girlfriend, we’re curious to get the news of the couple getting married. Kayla Nicole has been a dedicated and esteeming partner to Travis Kelce, and we want that they should be with each other forever. If anyone is interested in Travis’ darling, you could confer this article to them.

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