Top Intelligent TV Brands in India [May 2023]


Before spending a hefty amount, we must go through the recommended Top intelligent TV brands in India and go ahead with what is the best According to our needs. To know which is the best Brand one should opt for, go through this article for all details regarding the brands that provide the best service at a friendly price. Let’s get started!

Some of the top intelligent TV brands in India

Sony TV

Sony has been among the most reputed brands in all households for ages. This Brand is famous for its sound clarity, but with time it has come up with various pieces of equipment, and undoubtedly, Smart tv is one of them which has got the best of its technology. They have an OLED display with outstanding sound clarity, and it is one of the Top innovative tv brands in India.

This Brand is known for its best visualization due to its pro-picture system. The price range comes to around Rs.24 550 to Rs.5,50,100.



LG is a brand in India that contains the best technology and is budget-friendly. OLED TVs were introduced by this company first in India, which use an IPS panel that provides extraordinary color output and the screening angles are impressive in terms of clarity.

This Brand has Dolby integrated vision for improved contrast, which has the best operating system, which is excellent at the price they provide. 

This product ranges from Rs. 20,422 and Rs 2,75,660


The Brand is recognized for long-lasting products. It manufactures the best iconic appliances and a fantastic display that looks attractive and has a great sound clarity that is hard to find in Television brands. It has got an HCX Pro CPU and OLED screen. 


One of the budget-friendly products can be Panasonic which provides a slimmer look. This is considered the best smart tv manufacturing company with high-end technology supporting HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, one of India’s top intelligent tv brands. 

This product starts at Rs. 18, 560- Rs. 1,32,560


This Brand is versatile in itself, with intelligent features and advanced design, keeping in eye the daily usage of the household. It is designed for the generation today who look for advanced appliances which are flexible according to the lifestyle of the people. It is designed so seamlessly for human convenience. 

People mainly choose this Brand as it provides a fantastic viewing experience and enhances the living spaces’ style, making it one of India’s top intelligent tv brands.  On the 8th of November, this Brand achieved the Global TV market for more than 15 consecutive years with a 19.8 market share, according to the report of India. 


This product ranges from Rs 18,789 to 1,83,220

OnePlus TV

Due to consumers’ interest and choices rapidly increasing, OnePlus has launched its Smart tv currently, which is driven mainly by Internet piercing. As many people connect their appliances to a smartphone, this Brand allows consumers to connect Phones to their Smart TVs with 4k and 8k video clarity, making accessing content streaming services easier.

This Brand focuses mainly on technologically advanced equipment that is unparalleled to the picture and sound clarity and provides great aesthetic value to your homes by providing a sleek look.

The QLED technology makes the graphics and enhances the look and outstanding image clarity, which is colorful due to the Gamma color engine. It is one of the top intelligent tv brands in India. 


This product ranges from Rs. 16,899 to Rs. 52,560


This Brand is not known mainly by Indians, but this has gained a lot of popularity for its extremely convenient appliances at a very reasonable price. People searching for a budget-friendly option should go for this because it is long-lasting at a reasonable price. Enhance your TV-watching experience by providing a 4K display and sleek design, providing the glass with image clarity, one of the Top innovative tv brands in India. 

The product costs around Rs. 24, 250 to Rs. 80,930


These are our best picks of Top innovative tv brands in India by doing thorough research from different platforms and going through gadget reviews. We have listed the best brands ranging from different prices and technologies. Our fundamental research was conducted based on the requirements of all age groups in today’s generation and carefully chose what most appeals to the consumer today. 

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