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All Roblox players must have come across the website while looking for Roblox cheat codes, Roblox games’ tips & tricks, and to get Robux generating portals on the internet. Presently every other Roblox player is crazy to earn these Roblox currencies, alongside getting their hands on some latest promo codes & cheat tricks.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want Robux without paying money? If you are yet to discover this website, we have brought you a comprehensive article that will help you know the tidbits of TodoRoblox. So, keep reading to explore more.

What is the TodoRoblox website?

Besides being a game production application, Roblox is an excellent platform for enjoying online games. However, it sometimes becomes difficult for the players to complete a specific game or get through a particular level. Additionally, the users require guidance on a lot of matters concerning Roblox. This is where, a Spanish website, comes into play.


It has become prevalent in Roblox world because it has extensive information on its page. It claims an unofficial replica Roblox. It has also said on its official website that visitors can acquire the most incredible hacks, tricks, guidance, etc., for their most-loved video games.

Different categories present on TodoRoblox

This website is a Roblox imitation where players gather to explore, learn, and, most importantly, play games on this platform. The site primarily provides codes & commands for different games as well as general tutorials to its visitors.

Upon clicking “GUIDES,” you’ll encounter a page with “HOW TO-” blogs related to Roblox games, configuration, and settings. Some of the most famous HOW TO- guides on TodoRoblox:

  • How to download Roblox for PC
  • How to create clothes in Roblox
  • Pet List Adopt Me: How to get them
  • How To Recover Your Roblox Account 
  • How to Change Your Name on Roblox
  • How To Make Money in Adopt Me
  • How To Get Unbanned in Roblox
  • How To Buy Robux
  • How To Fix Lag in Roblox

If you click on the “ROBUX” section at the top of the page, you’ll be redirected to a page that contains detailed information related to legit methods for obtaining Free Robux, top apps/games for Earning Free Robux, ways to win Robux rewards without spending money, and why it is not safe to go for different hacks/tricks for acquiring Robux, etc.

Now talking about the segment “CODES,” it provides you with an updated (latest update -12th Aug 2022) promo codes list for innumerable Roblox games. It also tells you everything about promo codes, different techniques to obtain these codes, and the process to redeem the codes obtained. According to the website, two current promo codes that users can employ are TWEETROBLOX & SPIDERCOLA.

Another section is “COMMANDS.” This page covers detailed information on the definition of commands, a list of different active commands, how to use them in a game, and special commands.


The “GAMES” section redirects you to the page that explicitly contains information on Promo codes. For example, you can get various codes for Shindo Life, Texting Simulator, Tower Heroes, Thick Legends, etc.


  • Free Robux
  • No personal data is required for login purposes
  • Gives free promocodes


  • Asks the users to complete surveys
  • No background information is available on the website
  • Not associated legally with Roblox

How can you acquire free Robux from

  • Open
  • Fill up the username linked to your Roblox account in the given space
  • Choose the device you’re logged in with
  • Choose how much Robux you want
  • Complete captcha procedure
  • You’re done!

Is legit and safe?

Third-party websites promising free Robux, promo codes, and Roblox cheat codes are prevalent these days. But how trustworthy are they? Are these websites safe enough to be trusted with our data and systems? In the case of Todoroblox, it is tough for us to label it legitimate for various reasons. The first and foremost reason for not considering it legit is the website is not a registered trademark of Roblox Corporation.

So, the safety and authenticity of Todorblox are questionable. In addition, we were unable to find any background information on the website on its official page. The official page seemed very confusing, and we had difficulty configuring it. Moreover, we conducted a detailed investigation on the website and determined that their claims were unreliable.


Furthermore, even after successfully performing the tasks, we were unable to obtain the free Robux. Instead, it has a section- “Robux” in its menu. Upon clicking on it, you will be redirected to a page like any other blog/article that explains how to get Robux from different programs or applications. We also found that the website’s social media presence is less influential.

All in all, Todoroblox seems to be suspicious and unsafe. Therefore, the users must beware while visiting the portal for whatever reason.

User Reviews

TodoRoblox contains tons of reviews for every category discussed above. Almost every user is delighted with the blogs or information presented by Additionally, they have validated the codes and commands and have declared them legit. The users have also commented that this stuff helps them play different Roblox games more conveniently. is not a scam; you can use it in your time of need.


After extensive analysis, we found that the website fails to generate free websites. However, you can get some tips and tricks for your favorite Roblox games from Todoroblox. Overall, the website is a third-party site that lacks authentic data. Hence, we cannot declare it legitimate. The users must be aware of such websites and avoid them as much as possible. We hope you liked the article. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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