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Looking for whether legit or not? Do not Worry! Here we are to provide you with adequate information for your overall knowledge about this gaming platform.

Steamunlocked is a gaming platform that has gained popularity among gamers with its fantastic giveaways, which keep its users entertained by providing the best games. The best part is you can get all the latest games without any fee. However, the question is how safe it is to use this. This question has been briefly analyzed in this article.

The priority of this provider is to provide free gaming experiences compatible with all devices like Microsoft, Windows, and Xbox. It has turned the most considerable dissatisfaction among gamers that this is incompatible with Playstation and Nintendo WiiU.

What is


It is considered one of the platforms whose object is to provide the best gaming experience with all fantastic games for nothing. This platform is straightforward to use, and it has a very responsive search platform.

Categories of online games you can download:

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Anime
  4. Classic games
  5. FPS
  6. Horror
  7. Indie
  8. Most popular games of all time & more

As many people would not want to pay the fee for entertainment and still want to explore the gaming world, it is said to be the best platform. In addition to that, this website provides games of different genres which are challenging to find on paid platforms. 

Though this is not considered a fully safe website because it raises much speculation regarding whether legit or not, which we will explain one by one. Firstly, before getting into its legitimacy, this platform takes necessary security steps to ensure its users’ safety and privacy, like never asking the users for their credit card information as it is not required. 


There is absolutely no restriction on how many games and times you can access this website as it allows its users to use it at any time just by creating an account in which they can log in and access the entire library.

How to use this? 

  • First, the user needs to download WinZip into their system, which is a free version.
  • Then go to, search for their favorite games, and click on the download option. 
  • An Ad will pop up on the screen for some seconds, which the user has to watch. After that, it will navigate the user to the downloading page.
  • The game will be downloaded in a zip format. 
  • The user has to extract the file, and the game is downloaded and enjoyed for free.

How to access it through VPN?

Many people do not want to take risks, so they choose VPN to download games.

Here are a few steps they need to follow:

  • The users can opt for GOG and Origin, which are excellent available options and provide many titles. These two websites are safe and secure and are considered alternatives.
  • Numerous VPNs are available through which gamers can download their games despite being from any country
  • Please choose the best VPN which does not shut in the mid-way and provides good protection to its users.
  • Change CyberSec to Malware in the settings.
  • Please connect to the server
  • Now write on the browser “”
  • Click on the outbreak, which will navigate you to the gaming page
  • Here click on the “Download” option.
  • Now you can enjoy your game on a laptop or desktop.

Please continue reading the legit or not is answered below.


  • Free gaming experience
  • Social media platforms: Not available 
  • Customer service: Not available 
  • Multiple genres of games


  • Provide free games of different genres
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and Xbox
  • Featured as top gaming websites like Kotaku, CNET, PC Gamer etc.
  • Encrypted with SSL
  • Conducts any giveaways to keep the users entertained
  • Users can access their accounts at any time and explore the gaming library.


  • Suspicious
  • Many cannot differentiate which one is real and which one is fake.
  • No reviews section on the website
  • No customer contact details are available
  • No social media platforms are available 

Is legit?


As per our research, we can state that this website is legit and safe for the users to use; however, they do not have any customer care or social media platforms, and they also do not keep access to any such part of the user’s privacy where they need to contact the customer support and for any help.

However, many duplicate websites are available on the internet, which users should be fully aware of before using. These third-party websites randomly send you security confirmation messages and ads that black out the data with one click.

This is a legit website, but we can never say that this website is free from viruses as it is on the user to check them thoroughly before using it. However, if the user finds the original version of, it is compatible with all devices except Nintendo and PlayStation WiiU.

What are the gamer’s reviews of this website?

After doing thorough research on the internet and their official website and reading the point of view of users across the globe, we have come to understand that legit needs a user’s review section which is considered one of the drawbacks of this website provider.


However, other platforms have said this is a real deal for all gamers, consisting of different genres of games that are of high quality and are available free of cost.

One user claimed that though this website is a safe place, it redirects, so using a VPN or any other way of using it is advisable to be on the safer side. One review said that they have complicated terms and reviews that are of a third party and do not follow it.


We hope this article has cleared many doubts regarding whether legit or not. This is a trustworthy site that is available for everyone at any time. It allows you to download any game that is generally unavailable for free. It is compatible with any device except PlayStation and Nintendo WiiU.

This is a gaming site that has gained massive popularity among the youth today. Many users are afraid that this contains any viruses, but as per our research, we can state that it is free from any of such if the original website is accessed. We hope you like this article, and in case of any suggestions, comment in the comment section below.

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