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Why Sidney Applebaum is in trend? We are sure many of you must have come across a piece of news about him. But certain aspects of his interesting life remain in the shadows. 

We have tried to illuminate all these hidden facets of his life and inform our readers about a notable figure in the world. It will be a source of information and encourage them to tread a similar path. 

Who is Sidney Applebaum, and how did he establish himself as a business entrepreneur?


He is a trailblazer in the business world. He even founded Rainbow Foods. From being born into a humble background to creating an empire under the banner of Rainbow Foods, the journey has been inspiring and exemplary. His father was a mere door-to-door salesman who laid the foundation for the business that Applebaum revamped in 1983.

The giant venture started with a food stand by his father, Oscar Applebaum. Sidney had high spirits and enthusiasm for business and wanted to take it to great new heights. From a very young age, he showed eagerness to work and even served as a delivery person for the store. To carry forward his dream, he enrolled in Humboldt Senior High School. This was his first step toward the world of business. 


The business progressed by leaps and bounds. Different entities even owned it at different times. It finally paved its way to Gateway Foods. This partnership yielded high results for both parties as, together with the CEO of Gateway Foods, Sidney, revitalized the food market chain as Rainbow Foods. Although many ownerships occurred, they could not affect Applebaum’s association with the markets.


Name (In Full)Sidney Applebaum
Birth date28th February 1924
CompaniesApplebaum grocery shops (Later: Rainbow Foods) Sid’s Discount Liquors Big Top Liquor
EthnicityJewish American
SpouseLorraine Smith

What was his personal and professional life like?

Early life:

  • He took birth at St. Paul and had eight siblings.
  • He pursued his degree at Humboldt Senior High School, which would further carve the way toward his dreams of being a businessman. 
  • He then joined the giant grocery chain under the Applebaum banner. 
  • In 1945 he married Lorraine Smith. 
  • He has three children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • Sidney bid goodbye to the world at 92.

  Professional Life:

  • After participating in the grocery business, Sidney implemented his innovativeness to welcome progressive changes. Rainbow foods are a consequence of it.
  • He even occupied a Liquor market. Then he further established Sid’s Discount Liquors. He didn’t stop at that and set up Big Top Liquor with his children. 

What was the joke about Sidney Applebaum on SNL about?

A popular show, SNL, contains comical tidbits. An episode featured a comic bit on Applebaum, which left everyone in a fit of laughter. The comic timing and sequence left everyone gasping for air. Even the performer struggled to contain his glee. The skit compared Applebaum with Dracula. To understand it further, we have shed light on each aspect here.


It draws reference from various concepts, Love and Death mixed with the Jewish version of Dracula. The presenter begins explaining how Blacula is a Jewish translation of Dracula. But to elevate it comically, he replaces Blacula with Sidney Applebaum. The juxtaposition of these concepts created a roaring of laughter. 

Several causes are responsible for it being hilariously interesting. There is one dialogue in the cinema wherein a general states he will be commemorated worldwide as Sidney Applebaum. His victory will set forth this glory. Also, the silliness that appears with the common yet comical translation of a dreaded name, Dracula. 

What are some of his notable achievements?


His most noteworthy contribution is his father’s establishment, which he took to new unexplored heights. He owned over thirty stores, more specifically in the metro regions. It exchanged hands quite a few times back then. It began when National Tea Co. First purchased it. Then it went on to be owned by Gateway. Together they put a lot of effort into creating the second-largest market chain. 

For his grand contributions to the business world that have stood the test of time, he has been honored with several accolades time and again. Sidney Applebaum has also been associated with numerous goodwill causes. He has even extended his helping hand in organizing St. Paul Winter Festival. Further, per the comments by his children, he has also helped with the Olympic Fiesta. 

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