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In this article, we will see – Is legit or not? While the name of the website makes it clear that it is a website where you can shop for yourself. Let us see what more it has got to offer you. 

It has a wide range of clothing brands and a variety of other brands starting from Puma to Reebok. As soon as you open their website, you can see a display of shopping items like Shoes, Shirts, Bags, etc. Even pre-owned products are available on their website.

What is ShoppremiumOutlets?


People would love it when they have easy access to different brands delivered to their doorstep. That is exactly what ShoppremiumOutlets is all about. An experience of Simon Premium Outlets is provided while using their website. 

Various brands like Puma, Fossil, Adidas, Puma Nautica, and many others are available for shopping. You can even find their outlet in different brands. There is an opportunity even to become a member. You can even earn rewards after you shop. Please continue reading to find out whether if legit or not?


  • Working days – Monday to Sunday
  • Mailing Address – 20 Channel Center, Boston
  • Shopping Items – Luxe, Men clothing, Women’s clothing, shoes, beauty products, bags, pre-owned items, skin care products, nail products, accessories, jewellery, fragrance items, and many more
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Play
  • Return Policy – available and can be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • Privacy Policy – given on their website along with the key terms and meanings.
  • Mode of payment – through Klarna, which is an alternative way of paying for the products in 4 payments
  • Offers – available based on different products
  • SPO Rewards – based on what you buy, there are specific rewards available on their website

While you must still be wondering – is legit or not? Let us look into the pros and cons before we proceed.


The pros of the website are – 

  • Different clothing varieties, skin care products, nail products, and many belts and shoes are available.
  • Unlike other websites, they have given an alternative way of payment. 
  • You can join their live sessions to witness different orders and discounts.
  • A detailed description of becoming a member is also given.
  • The various ways to contact them are also given. 
  • A help guide is given. 
  • They are available on all days of the week.
  • You can contact them whenever you want


The Cons of the website are given as follows –

  • Though the option of shipping is available, for a few products, additional costs might be charged
  • The website does not deliver outside the US.
  • If the retailer is unable to ship to a particular address, then items cannot be purchased
  • Personal information will be collected while using their website
  • An IP address is also used along with the kind of browser that the user will use
  • Demographic information is collected while using the website
  • The personal information is shared along with the other subsidiaries
  • Few areas of the app require cookies

Is legit?


Here comes the most awaited part of the article. This website was created 8 years ago and is associated with different types of brands, and all varieties are available on their website.

They have given clear and detailed information about every small thing and provided a unique thing, namely the alternate payment method. They have also provided the users with the different ways the consumers can contact them regarding orders, returns, etc.


And now, you must be sure and have your answer – the website is legit and can be used by the users. Simon center is also given the various business opportunities associated with it. Every website needs to provide information with more precision. 


While the pros and cons are both equally there if wondering on – Is legit or not? The answer is it is a legitimate website, and the users can happily shop from here.

The website has many unique features to offer, the topmost being the way of paying, which is unique. All the brands are listed from A to Z, along with the variety of products that can be shopped from there. We hope this article has helped you, do give us your feedback.

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