Shiloh and Bros Among us – Do You Know? [2024]


Do you know who was the first imposter? Who is Shiloh and Bros? These characters played a major role in the “Among us” series. 

It must have happened often that you went out seeking sources that are complete family entertainers. But you need to come across sources that can delight all. But Shiloh and Bros Among Us is an entertaining source that can make all of you giggle.

Who is Shiloh and Bros?

  • They are a YouTube Channel known for sharing various content on different games.
  • The channel is owned and run by Shiloh and the three Nelson boys, Mica, Judah and Elijah.
  • Here users can access a wide range of videos that can be pretty rib-tickling for many. One game that has gained a lot of attention over time is the Shiloh and Bros Among Us videos. 
  • They have more than six million subscribers on their channel. Apart from YouTube videos, they have also broadened their horizon into skits, Tiktok videos and more.
  • These siblings have also appeared as actors in several shows, series and movies. 
  • In 2020, they started their venture “If Everything was like Among Us”, which attained such a humungous popularity that it earned them more than one million subscribers.
  • The comical nature of the videos won everyone’s hearts. It even compelled them to create many such videos after Shiloh and Bros Among Us videos. 

Who is the first impostor of Among Us?


Among Us is one of the most famous gaming platforms, get millions of users across the globe were associated with. As a result, there is a general curiosity regarding the game, which has sparked several questions in users’ minds. In this game, several players begin together as crewmates. They have to look for the impostor.

The only catch is that the impostor belongs to the crew. In other words, the impostor lurks within as a crewmate, looking for a chance to assassinate members of the group silently. He must ensure that no one else finds out about the deed. 


There have been several questions that have hinted at the curiosity people have about the game. For example, they are eager to know who the first-ever impostor was when the fun began. The first impostor was someone known by the name of Dr. Zero. He has also been termed as patient zero, which denotes that the system started with him. 

People have always wished to know more about the player. But his story has always remained in the shadows and is a mystery in the gaming world. There have been several sources that have tried to locate its presence. There are various other sources where this player can be found.

It includes Mira HQ, The Skeld, the Airship and Polus. The Shiloh and Bros Among Us videos gained much attention using such aspects of the game. 

Is Among Us based on real-life incidents?


Little evidence suggests that this game is based on real-life events. However, several sources have remarked that it is a derivative of the game Mafia. Many players also know the Mafia as Werewolf. This game has become popular as a party game, in which there are usually two groups. These groups are named the Mafias and the Villagers.

This game deals with several cards that are sold. Then each will be distributed to the players. All the players will then start wandering around, and one will be the murderer. He will be looking for an opportunity to pounce upon and kill someone by drawing a finger across their neck. The game Among Us is based on the same principle. 


It has also been based on a sci-fi movie, “The Thing”. But primarily, it is still attributed to the game Mafia which the founder of Among Us had been a massive fan of since childhood. This group of siblings created a fun, creative and entertaining space for all game lovers by amalgamating various Among Us instances into their Shiloh and Bros Among Us videos.

They are still available on YouTube channels and working on different content for their dedicated subscribers. 

We hope our review of the channels was of help, and we await your valuable feedback in the comments section below. 

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