Rosegal Clothing Reviews | Pros, Cons (2023)


As per the Rosegal clothing reviews, most of the users are satisfied. is an online fashion store that is quite famous among influencers. But there are some pros and cons which you must know.

Influencers and fashion enthusiasts must’ve come across this unique website while looking for a shop that offers discounted rates, an extensive catalog, and stunning clothes & accessories. Additionally, its affordable pricing is the primary reason for the brand’s popularity. Keep reading if you want to know more about this shopping site and wonder if it’s legit.



Before knowing about Rosegal Clothing Reviews, you must have a general idea of Rosegal.

Rosegal is one of several low multinational companies allowing its consumers to have a more comprehensive collection of clothes without spending a fortune. Its main business is selling fast-fashion clothing. People appreciate Rosegal because they also sell Plus-size clothes, which is hard to come across in other clothing stores.

Different categories of clothing available on the Rosegal website are tops, bottoms, dresses, Halloween, gothic, fall outfits, and accessories.


Rosegal boasts of having a catalog full of the fusion of modern and retro design ideas, resulting in a diverse range of garments, accessories, and footwear, irrespective of gender. It was founded by a friends’ group having a strong and lasting love for gorgeous attires and designs. They feel with regard to fashion shopping- the bigger, the better.

The garment industry is gradually relying on plus-size buyers, a population that has long been overlooked. So, this online retailer is one of the best options for oversized people as they can discover all types of fashionable and sexy clothing to enhance their appearance and feel good about themselves. The Rosegal app is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • Established in: 2013
  • Size Range: 10-30
  • Contact: +1 360-967-5056
  • Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram
  • Mail id:


  • Plus size is available
  • Wide catalog
  • Affordable rates
  • Vintage clothes are available


  • Quality issues
  • Delivery and shipping issues
  • The contact number is under maintenance

What are the Rosegal Clothing Reviews?

  • Reviews are very important before trying out any new product. Therefore, we extensively researched almost all review websites to bring you some genuine reviews about Rosegal.
  • However, we received mixed reactions. 47% of people on Trustpilot have given the brand an “Excellent” rating. Most people love it because the products are trendy, classic, and stylish and have a great fit.
  • Most users have also commended its quality. The majority of the positive feedback was centered on how affordable the dresses are. Additionally, the brand has received massive acknowledgment for its Plus size collections. However, it has also received equal negative feedback for some reasons. For example, 38% of people on Trustpilot have given it a “Bad” rating.
  • Some have complained that they did not receive their order even after paying money for it. Many are dissatisfied with its return policy. Furthermore, some customers are highly disappointed with its customer services.

Is Rosegal Legit?


Now that you have a general idea of Rosegal Clothing Reviews, let’s discuss its legitimacy.

Yes, Rosegal is 100% legit as well as safe. While researching, we found almost all review sites have given it a good trust score. In addition, the Trust pilot has rated it 4.3 stars, which is impressive! Everything on its official website seems to be legit and not suspicious. You can get any information you want from the official home page. Plus, the website is well-maintained.

It has an excellent social media presence as well. From Rosegal Clothing Reviews, we found that Rosegal is also known to collaborate with Instagram influencers and bloggers, thereby raising its popularity. You can also find the brand on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Lastly, the application versions of Rosegal on the Apple store and Google store are rated 4.5 and 4.2, respectively.


So, legitimacy and safety are definitely not something that you should worry about concerning Rosegal.


If you’re looking for something trendy with a hint of vintage, Rosegal is for you! Plus, you can get fabulous outfits at a very cheap cost. Plus size people absolutely love it. Moreover, Rosegal is among the e-commerce clothing stores with zero return cost.

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