| Get upto 5k Robux? Is It Safe? [2024]


In this article, let us see what is all about. The Robux can be generated in various ways and used for different purposes, like buying items and characters for your games.

Let us see how you can get the reward from this website, how it works, and the users give the reviews. Before we begin, let us find out what the web page is about and how it functions.

What is


As the name of the web page suggests, it is related to Robux, and you get the same by using this website in the way it asks you to. This web page is more famous in the US, and many users have found it to be using it.

But currently this website is not working, it might be due to the search engine has removed this page due to unusual or misleading details which is not fit for the visitors.

How to get Robux?


The process that is specified for getting the rewards is straightforward. We will explain it to you, so don’t worry; you can follow the below-mentioned steps- 

  • Ensure you have good wifi or internet connection.
  • Since without the app, you can’t generate the rewards on your own; you have to install it on your device through Google Play on Android.
  • Or you can directly go to
  • The web page usually declares to give 5K Robux to those with more than 2K followers on your Facebook. 
  • Now all the players might not be on Facebook, and hence for those, you can follow the general process.
  • You will find an empty box in which you have to put in your username, and then you have to specify the device you are using to get the Robux.
  • After that, you will have to click on the next button and choose how much Robux you want from the given a choice.
  • Upon completion of specific tasks, you will get the rewards.


  • Email id -it is unavailable
  • Promo codes – it is not known if the promo codes are there on this web page
  • Terms of Use – not given
  • Physical address – not mentioned
  • Date of Registration – 18th June 2021
  • Date of Updation – the website was updated on 6th September 2022
  • Expiration Date – 18th August 2023


  • If you want to improve the content in your game, then you can do so by following the simple steps on
  • The website allows you to choose how much Robux wants to generate using the website’s services.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a certificate, is also obtained by the web page.


  • Essential policies like the privacy policy or the terms of use have yet to be given on this website. 
  • Any person who would like to resolve their issues in person does not have the option of doing so, as the company needs to provide details about their address.
  • The contact details of the web page are not provided
  • Though the users are on Facebook, if they don’t have more than 2000 followers, they can’t get the Robux without paying anything.
  • There are few users for this web page.

Is legit?

We have gathered information that will ascertain your input regarding the legitimacy of this website. It has been found that the website has a low trust score of 1/5. 


The web page doesn’t have many visitors, increasing the suspicion about the validity. Hence, users should be cautious before proceeding or entering their details on the website.

User Reviews

During our research we didn’t find any reviews apart from few relevant informations because currently this website is not working and it is not possible to grab any related feedbacks. By the way, you can drop your comments if you have used this site earlier.



Some ardent players of the Roblox games must be trying to find out about this web page, as it gives them precisely what they need. This website has tasks like watching a video for a few seconds or completing some overviews.

The, despite having some plus and minus points, questions the legitimacy of the website. There are chances for the user’s information to be directed to a third party; hence, the web page may or may not be legit. Therefore, we hope the users found the article helpful; give us your feedback. 

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