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Is offering unmetered Robux giveaways? In this article, we will tell you how you can get it, also whether this website is legit or not from our personal experience.

To reveal all the hidden facts from it, we tested this website to bring the legit outcome so that our readers will get exact information on it. Please continue reading below for complete details.



Ever since Roblox was released and especially during the pandemic, it became one of the most popular among Among us and Pokemon. But as time passed and the craziness among Roblox fans hipped, people started searching for shortcuts as usual.

To take advantage of such an opportunity, several thugs and tech robbers launched multiple untrusted and unreliable websites in the name of giveaways. Coming back to this website is not exceptional; however, we tested this site to identify its legitimacy to dig out all the truth.


The website is a Robux generator platform similar to various other such sites. But what makes the difference lets us first know all the facts in detail below.


  • Website registration: 2022-04-14
  • City: Reykjavik (Suspicious)
  • Number: +354.4212434 (suspicious)


  • Provide unmetered Robux
  • Easy to process 
  • Available for all operating systems like iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Windows
  • Send the benefits directly to the gamers account


  • Contact details are hidden
  • No fan page for discussion
  • Launched on 4th April 2022 that means is a new website

Steps to get Robux?

In this process of Robux generation, we tested this website to check its legitimacy and followed the below-given process:

  • Visit the website
  • You will find a box where you have to enter your gaming username and select the gaming platform, then click “Proceed.”
  • Then on the 2nd page, you’ll find “Please select the amount of Robux,” where you have to choose the amount of Robux, i.e., 800, 1700, 4500, 6500.
  • On the 3rd page, it will display that your selected Robux is processing and synchronizing, wait, and it’s done!
  • But before proceeding, you have to click the “Verify now” button.
  • Then a window will pop up and ask you to take the survey, which may include; a) Finish a short VPN survey, b) Download the new browser, c) Big rewards are waiting for you, and such options.
  • Pick one and complete the task. The survey will take 2-3 minutes to complete.
  • Finally, when we completed all the processes again, a window pop-up with a message that we had completed the survey and verification. The selected Robux will be transferred to the given username account within an hour. But we waited too long and have not yet received any Robux.

Is the website safe to use?

During our test, we couldn’t Robux; we followed each step and completed the survey. Our analysis found that the website is newly launched and only available on Google. The same webpage is not available on Bing search.


On Bing, it’s available with the name; however, we don’t know whether there is any connection between these two websites, but the reality is this only. So, finally, we can say that this site didn’t work for us, but they’re a few reviews that we have found that you must read below. (Surprised)

What are the user reviews?

During our analysis and research, we found there are a few YouTube videos related to it that show the whole process. In that video, it is shown that after completing the process, that guy received and promo code which he redeems on the Roblox redeem page and successfully got the selected Robux.


We were surprised by this fact, but we want to make it more transparent that we did not find any user reviews showing works. Still, we are unsure, and we suggest not downloading any unaware application or proceeding with the doubted links.


Hence, by analyzing each aspect and review, we can say that this website is under the doubtful radar, and we will advise our readers to be more careful and do more research before any proceedings.

By the way, what do you think? We will love to hear you back, do comment and share your thoughts below.

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