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Ready to receive Robux from Ever heard of getting free rewards from generators that players can use in Roblox? Though these generators are free, the rewards gained can be used to purchase clothes, items, etc., available in in-game stores.

We will list everything we can find for this site, so keep reading. Let’s get you started and tell you more about it, such as legitimacy, traffic analysis, etc.



Robux is an inside-game currency that is used to make purchases of various in-game items. One can get this currency by playing the Roblox game and paying money. But what if you can gain this reward without spending a dime on it? Interesting, right; you can gain it by by completing a few surveys.

The great part is that gamers must follow and complete a few simple steps to gain it. Many players around the world are finding ways to gain it by spending little to no money, and this is one of those sites that gives your rewards for your game.


Below lists out the specifications and assess the site –

  • Purpose – Generate Robux without any charge associated with it.
  • Site Registered Date – 2019-07-12
  • Site Expiry Date – 2023-07-12
  • Social Presence – Various social contacts present, such as Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Youtube 
  • System Type – Various types, such as Android, Apple, etc., are supported.
  • Email – Not present.
  • Address – Not Present



The site welcomes with a top ribbon bar which has multiple places to go as below:

  • Earn – The site shows multiple ways to earn the rewards, for example, by providing reviews or completing surveys.
  • Withdraw – Once you have gained the rewards, gamers can withdraw their sum to use in Roblox games.
  • Promo Codes – The site releases promo codes on Discord which can be used later while withdrawing the sum.
  • Giveaway – Lists out their various giveaways to the users.
  • Discord – Discord is where you can contact the team and other users worldwide. Also, the promo codes are released here.
  • Top users – Lists out their top frequent users who have received the rewards from this site.

What are the steps to collect Robux?

  • Visit the website.
  • Enter your Roblox username and get verified and logged in to the site.
  • Click on ‘Start Earning’ and select the type of reward that you would like to have.
  • Users can have rewards from a few hundred to tens of thousands.
  • For acquisition, users must complete offers from the site Robux Walls for a reward.
  • This step is important as this will allow a user certain rewards. With completing this step, rewards will be given.
  • As soon as players complete filling out the surveys, they can verify their rewards.
  • When you navigate to, it loops to show the log in detail page.


A few advantages of this site are listed below–

  • No costs associated with using the generator.
  • The site only requires a Roblox username.
  • Different systems are supported, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • The site engages a lot of tailback from Roblox gamers.
  • The page is copyrighted, available for users, and has a social presence.
  • The site is present on Discord, where various promo codes are shown and can be used.
  • Any issues found can be addressed on its Discord page.


A few disadvantages are as follows –

  • The page sometimes loops around the login to the site.
  • It does not use any human verification step leaving it prone to be used by bots.
  • Its youtube page is down and cannot be accessed by users worldwide.
  • shows survey forms to be filled; however, a few times, the page refreshes, and users lose their filled surveys before getting rewards.
  • The site is currently looping to its login page and is not up for acquiring the rewards.

Is it legit or a scam?

Advertisements attracts a lot of traffic from other players worldwide and is rated by Alexa traffic rank. There are many positive reviews by users on multiple channels mentioning the gained rewards.

Based on our analysis and because of certain factors such as legitimacy, traffic, reputation, ratings, and security threats, the site looks suspicious to us as it asks to complete a survey that asks for personal information. It can harm the system and steal information.

Player’s opinions about the site

Per our research, we found multiple positive reviews about the site. Many users worldwide have posted valuable comments on various social platforms, such as Youtube, where they claimed to have received rewards from this site.


As per many players, all required was to complete a few surveys available on the site and gain rewards. However, they mentioned sharing personal information on those surveys before gaining the rewards. Hence there were mixed reviews about this site from the users.


Have an eye on a piece of Roblox game and want to purchase it without spending anything, then is for you. It has great features and has a social presence too. All required is to provide a Roblox username and complete a few surveys to gain rewards.

The site attracts users worldwide, and many claims to have received robux from this site. Though the site shows its legitimacy at the bottom of its welcome page, we suggest our users refrain from sharing personal information as it could be stealing information from surveys.

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