Reverse Phone Lookup Websites | Top 10 Trusted [2023]

Do you need clarification about the reverse phone lookup websites? Then here is the solution to it. The legitimacy and usefulness of each website are given here.

Spam calls are a headache to most people. Therefore, we certainly need applications that help us be aware of the owners of each unknown number reaching us. This situation is where these websites allow you to get users through mobile numbers. It is like a reverse of a telephone directory.

About reverse phone lookup websites

Sometimes we receive many unknown calls, and to note them will be a hectic task. These websites will help you know who is calling us. They help us identify the actual user of a mobile number. A description of the sites is provided here. 

A few sites may give you truthful information, but some may be fraudulent. It can be a task to check out what is real and fake. This article provides valuable information on the reverse phone lookup available.

List of Reverse Phone Lookup Websites and Apps

  1. True caller 
  2. Truthfinder
  3. Intelius
  4. Spokeo
  5. Cocofinder
  6. No caller name
  7. US Phone lookup
  8. What is this number 
  9. Whose number
  10. Numberlookup

1. Truecaller

True caller is among the top reverse phone lookup websites, which helps identify unknown callers. Even though it was created to find out the unknown callers, now it is used in criminal cases and also for helping our favorite ones.


  • Spam blocking, messages, Caller ID
  • Available on android, ios, and so on.
  • Premiuim:6.39$per year,2.16$per month
  • Gold:60.43$per year
  • Premium is ad-free and can view who has viewed our profiles


  • It has the trust of more than 320 million customers
  • The spam numbers are reported 
  • It blocks spam numbers and quickly detects them.
  • it is being used can use it as messaging and calling application
  • Application is available


  • Non-premium members have ad issues and cannot avail of all the services.
  • It needs a good internet connection
  • People can change names when needed.


The customers are satisfied with the application and are used by many people. Since the application is available on all the software, it’s easily accessible. Even though it asks for all the information and permissions, it helps identify many people.

2. Truth Finder

It is an A+-rated website with more than 9 million monthly requests. It is promoted in many media.


  • Caller ID
  • SPAMblocking
  • Easier access
  • A+ rated
  • PRICE: $27.78/month,2 month plan at once:$23.04/month, for reverse phone lookup:$4.99/month


  • Correct results in just ten minutes
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Good helpline
  • Reasonable
  • Prominent service


  • At times the information is not correct
  • The pricing structure may not be clear


People find the application user-friendly and fast and are also of the opinion that it has a good helpline. It has a 5-star rating with more than 6 billion users.

3. CocoFinder 

CocoFinder furnish details on the person, their picture, property, and bloodline. A person’s name can use the people’s name to find the person’s number and details. A data collection of billions is available, and there are superfast results for searches.


  • Age, name, address, criminal records, relatives, background data, etc., are provided
  • 24*7 assistance
  • It is free


  • It has a vast collection
  • Result in minute
  • Easily accessible
  • Accurate and informative


  • Collects information 


The application is acting like a lifesaver to many of the customers that are new to a city. With valid information on the concerning areas, it provided support and assistance to many customers.

4. Spokeo

Like other reverse phone lookup websites, this gives the most information on the caller after collecting information and data.


  • Price: $19.95/month, $14.95for three months at once. 
  • Email search can produce social media site information
  • 12 billion record analysis


  • Individual searches for money
  • Gets all the data
  • Have nice premium options


  • Need to sign up for the premium options


With its wide variety of finding the reversal of social media websites, age, name address, etc., it has influenced many people similar to other reverse phone lookup websites.

5. Intellius

This is one of the leading reverse phone lookup websites available since 2003.


  • Name, address, crimes, and reversal are all provided
  • Full access: $1.99
  • One month-$24.86/month
  • 2 month-$42.25/month


  • The whole details in one click
  • Other searches


  • Sometimes charges an extra fee


It has a rating of 3.8 stars with 70 reviews. Customers are satisfied with this website.

Overall customer reviews about these reverse phone lookup websites?

Most of these websites are very customer friendly and influence a high number of people in the world. All the customers find it very interesting to know about unknown and spam callers. These sites provide all the information, including a person’s address, property, family, friends, and location. 

However, it collects lots of information and access permission for a privacy policy. Applications and websites are changing the structure of crime scenes these days. The users reviewed with negatives are significantly less to be the scene on the website. The website is excellent with all the contact, information, reviews, etc., to be given ideally. 

Thus, the applications are found to help note out fraud and fake calls.


Reverse phone lookup websites are a part of today’s smartphones. A phone without truecaller or similar applications is very rarely occurring these days. Also, fake calls, pranks, and spam are increasing these days, and therefore the value of these sites is expanding.

This write-up has tried hard to explain the usefulness and importance of these websites and hopes that it has become a great success. Please give us valuable feedback and do carefully use the websites.

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