Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes | Only working codes (Apr-2024)


Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a game with a massive library of Roblox features, and it gives the user continued liberty to run any restaurant-like cafe. The game mainly involves a restaurant setup where users can serve the customers with their food. 

The game already has one billion hits and might be the most successful tycoon game featured by Roblox. The present article will contain all the details about the game, like the process of playing, ways of redemption, and alternate ways of getting codes.

About Restaurant Tycoon 2


Restaurant Tycoon is a restaurant-based game that allows the users to satisfy the customers with his food and gives them the freedom to choose the theme and menu of the restaurant, providing an opportunity to learn and utilize the creative skills of the users.

The game runs with the help of codes as it boosts the users’ progress in the restaurant game. The developers, when happy with the support of the players, intend to reward them with a few codes, usually released on the occasion of updates or when the game turns out to be exceedingly successful. 

How to redeem codes?

The redemption of codes allows the users to get access to various rewards that are valuable and yet free of cost. It shows that the creators of the game appreciate the support of the users and also ensures that the users remain happy and loyal. 


The redemption of codes will be easier if the procedure below is followed:

  • Log in to Restaurant Tycoon 2 on Roblox.
  • By focusing on the middle of the screen, the user should click on the store icon. 
  • Next, the user must enter the collected code in the designated text box.
  • Lastly, he should select the option of claim, and he will receive his reward.

What are the latest codes for 2024?

With the new update, Roblox released new codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2 in February 2024. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Light it up
  • Razorfishgaming
  • Subtoveddev
  • Ocean
  • Future
  • Slimy
  • Alien

Ways of getting alternative codes


The official Twitter account of the game allows players to access alternative codes; apart from this, one can download such codes by following the Discord community. Moreover, even YouTube videos display the codes for players who want more.

What are the reasons for codes not working when accessed?

Primarily, there are two reasons for the codes not working: the expiration of the codes and their invalidity.

  • Expiry of code: As Roblox releases time-constrained codes, they will not work if redeemed after the expiration of such time and will display a message informing the expiry of such codes.
  • Validity of code: The entry of an invalid code will not be accepted by the website and will display a message of incorrect code with an option to re-enter the code. 

Is using a third-party website for codes safe?

Third-party websites like and provide codes for Roblox games, including restaurant Tycoon 2. Many developers use third-party libraries to speed up the coding and enhance the functionality. However, these external sites might expose people to security risks, compromising users’ data.


One can use such websites to get access to game codes. Still, they should be careful while accessing them because the developers can’t be held responsible for any misconduct committed by third-party websites.

How to play Restaurant Tycoon 2?

While playing Restaurant Tycoon 2, players can create their restaurant, have theme menus, and serve the customers their favorite food. First-time users can follow the following:

  • The first step after logging in is to choose a style and type of building and food.
  • For building a restaurant, one should use the preset template.
  • Once the restaurant is made, the users should purchase decorations and buildings.
  • Learn to cook the dishes on the menu and serve the customers.
  • The players are allowed to hire chefs and servers.
  • He will pass to the next level with every XP he gains and earn new rewards.


According to the reports, Restaurant Tycoon 2 was a massive hit, as almost 1 billion people accessed it after its release. The game developers utilize third-party websites but try to keep them free from any security risks. However, the players should do proper due diligence before accessing any code from such website.

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