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How to get Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny? Like many who have had some experience catching it, it has been an impressive addition. It has left them desiderating for new information.

We have presented the analysis below to fill that gap and satisfy our readers’ curiosity. It will illuminate all major aspects and whether the this is worth the chase. 

Who is Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny, and how to catch it? 


This particular variant of Pokemon has been hailed as the most powerful in the game. Oy has made a sudden reappearance, much to the thrill of the game among players worlwide. It has begun appearing since the 10th of July and is said to exist till the 25th of July. You can get it at numerous gyms that have received five-star raids. 

But it takes work to encapture the Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny. It is full of tricks and twists that can be exhausting for the players. Some even use chalked-out strategies to catch it and enhance their gaming experience. Although these strategies do not always work, they open up the scope to succeed better.


The key to capturing the untamed Pokemon is to familiarise yourself with its weaknesses. You can use it for combat and your advantage. For example, you can opt for groud-attacks which can help defeat the Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny. 

Although these are a few tactics to help players attain a win, the way to catch it is vastly different. You can take reference from the following points for the same:

  • The first step towards obtaining a win is to win over the this creature is in an Elite Raid. It might seem like a convenient method, but the opponents you will face in it can potentially beat you to the ground.
  • A player can withstand this creature alone and will most definitely need the assistance of other trainers. It would help to create a team of ten or more to facilitate the same. 
  • The team or the group of trainers must also resort to those particular moves the Pokemon cannot resist. They have to locate their weakest point. 
  • These are some ways to help you win the battle against Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny, but it cannot ensure catching it. Once you win, you will get access to the Poke balls. Players must be cautious and particular while catching the this creature, as it may give up a tough fight yet again and try to run away.

For instance, implementing Golden Razz Berries can heighten your chances of winning. Moreover, if you can throw curveballs, your success rate will increase. 

Powers and Weakness of Regieleki


The Regieleki Pokemon Go Shiny is not only a unique creature but also quite powerful. It takes a group of trainers a lot of effort, time and hardship to get it under control. Even though it looks like a friendly one, its features say something else. It can give up a tough fight to anyone who faces it. This has further sparked the desire to captivate it even more among trainers. 

However, like all good things, this new form of Pokemon is also not deprived of its weaknesses. As stated above, the ground-type attack is the only thing or move it has zero resistance against. It does not possess the ability to defend itself against it, and trainers have time and again used it to get Regieleki under control.


There are even specific countermoves that can work great against such Pokemon. This includes the mud shot and earthquake, mud-slap and earthquake and more. But there might be some scenarios where a trainer might not possess a move, or the ground-type attack might fail to do the task.

In such a scenario, the best chance at winning lies in choosing the most powerful Pokemon in the trainer’s possession.

Where can you find Regieleki?

There is a whole system that you must familiarize yourself with if you want to get this under your control. First, an Elite Raid Egg will appear in any EX-gym. There will be a 24hrs window until it hatches. Within this period, the trainer has to put in all his efforts and strategies to locate the spot where the Pokemon might be. 

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