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We have ever wondered how to win rewards using rbxto.gg, but still not able to get the code? Here we have all set of information that you need to know. Our review is going to help you to learn all about this platform. Keep patience and go through this. 


Everyone loves to play the online gaming platform Roblox which has now gained a large audience, and the players look for a platform that can provide them with Robux as a reward. We have collected and elaborated on all sorts of information in this article. 

About Rbxto.gg

This site is considered the one-stop destination for all virtual gamers as it provides global access with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. The user needs to follow a few easy and handy steps to get them through the process, which includes downloading a few apps, playing games, and answering a few surveys.


The users don’t need to worry about providing their personal information, which raises many questions regarding its legality. All they need to do is log in through their Roblox account, and the credits automatically apply. 


  • Object: To provide users with Robux
  • It is a third-party app and not authorized by Roblox
  • The number of current users is 152517
  • Address: Not found
  • Email ID: Sponsor@RBX.TO
  • Social media: Twitter, Tiktok, Discord, and Instagram
  • Current users: 152517
  • Robux released: 355,407+
  • Items available in exchange for rewards
  • Subscription available
  • Withdrawal of subscription: 48 hours

How to use rbxto.gg? 

  • Firstly, all you need to do is visit the website and click on the three bars visible on the left side of the page. 
  • Login to the account and enter the Roblox user name in the given box
  • It will connect the account.
  • Only some options will be available to choose from. 
  • Choose from them.
  • Then it will navigate the users to a few games and surveys to get them completed.
  • Which will provide your free Robux
  • Choose the option “Withdraw” and enter the required amount there. 
  • It will navigate the users to a confirmation page where they must select “confirm the withdrawal,” It will get transferred to the Roblox account. 

What are the advantages of this website? 

  • This site is simple and handy to use, compatible with all users. 
  • The site provides many entertaining games, answers surveys, and watches videos to get rewards.
  • The tasks on rbxto.gg are simple and can be carried out easily
  • Users don’t have to connect their personal email id and phone number to this site.

What is the disadvantage of this website? 

  • The website design doesn’t have much information about it on the homepage
  • Many other platforms are available, which raises many questions regarding their authenticity.

What are the user’s reviews on it? 

As per our research, we can only gather a few reviews on this platform. However, after researching many other platforms, we found comments on social sites showing that it updates every detail for the users. We have noticed many mixed reviews from our users. Some have stated the advantages of its services, and some have noted that this site is not legitimate and consists of malware. 


Positive response: One of the users stated that this website has, time and again, provided updates and provided rewards. It offers promocodes and giveaways occasionally, and it just gets exciting. Many users have stated that this site has helped them to update their games in many ways.

Negative responses: There are a few negative responses that we have gathered about this site, which is that it only works on a few systems. This site blackouts the screen of the device and wipes all the data that is available. 

Is rbxto.gg legit? 


After experiencing this website of our own and stating the following details about it, we it is a legitimate website that objects to providing its user’s rewards. Users who are great fans of Roblox and want to win prizes can try this site without worrying. This website offers various options which you may try.


Thus, after evaluation we can say that Rbxto.gg provides fun games and surveys to its users to make them win unlimited rewards depending on their engagement on the site. This can be the one-stop destination for all Roblox users. Our review is helpful for you. For further feedback, please write to us in the comment section below. 

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