Rbxto.gg Robux | Promocodes, Gift Cards, Is Safe? [July 2023]


Rbxto.gg Robux is a website dedicated to Roblox fans so that they can withdraw Robux anytime and from any operating system and device. It works in 3 simple steps that are:

  • Connect your profile
  • Complete the offers
  • Withdraw Robux

However, there are other methods and ways that you can also get and collect rewards by using this website. It is one of the most used websites nowadays. But still, it is a question for those who are new to this website whether they can get Rbxto.gg Robux or not or if it is a legit platform or not.


To answer all your doubts, we have gathered all the information with details and pointed out each fact of this website.

How Rbxto.gg works?

On the website itself, it is mentioned that they are not associated with Roblox Corporation. It is a third-party website that distributes the rewards, but in return, they ask you to complete the task or to take the survey.

Category sections

  • Earn
  • Withdraw
  • Giveaways
  • Referrals
  • Codes

What are the steps to get Rbxto.gg Robux?

First, create your profile to log in by providing your gaming username


After that, on your profile page, you will see multiple options on “Offerwals” and Socials.


Here you will get a chance to collect as much Robux as you can.

But for that, you have to click & choose among any options available on the offerwalls.

  • Pick your option and enter the task; remember each option includes different difficulty levels. The more difficult option you choose more Robux you will get.
  • The task may include watching full advertisements, and videos, downloading certain apps or games, completing certain levels of the game and such.
  • After each completion, you will collect reward points; after collecting minimum withdrawal points, you can convert and transfer them in the form of Robux.



It is the alternate way to collect Robux, although it depends on your luck and how much you can get. For this, you have to perform tasks like sharing the website, referring to your friends, and referring and earning.

You can also participate in the hourly giveaways, the latest release of promo codes, and gift cards or join the Discord room to get more access to the rewards.

What are the user reviews of Rbxto.gg?

Many players have already used this platform to get the Rbxto.gg Robux and we have gathered many positive comments also. Most users mentioned that they had collected the Robux multiple times without any issues.


But we also found a few negative comments where users say that although it works, they give little rewards. You have to spend more time and perform more tasks to collect sufficient Robux.

Is the platform legit?

Even after the website has many positive reviews, it is mentioned in the website footer section that they are not affiliated with Roblox. As per our view, using any third-party website may cause your gaming profile. Always be sure before using such platforms.

By the way, we would like it if you share your positive or negative thoughts for Rbxto.gg in the comment section.

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