Rbxstacks com – How to Collect Robux? 2024


We will see about rbxstacks.com in this article. Similar to numerous other websites that generate Robux, this one likewise assists you in obtaining rewards that you can take out and utilize for various in-game activities. Unlike other sites, you don’t have to type your password to get the rewards.

In this article, we will observe the steps to be followed to obtain the rewards and the other details of the site, like the contact details and their policies, and we will also find out if they are on any social networking sites like Facebook, Discord, etc., so let us begin.

What is rbxstacks.com?


It is a site that helps Roblox gamers get rewards by completing certain activities. To get the rewards, the users need not keep any money. After doing the activities on the website, gamers must wait two weeks to receive their rewards.

It also has a procedure for the user’s perusal, and the users need not enter their password; all they have to do is enter their username and connect via their accounts. You can do virtual shopping and even buy characters, etc, once the rewards are earned.

How to get Robux?


 If you are curious to know the procedure for using the site to get rewards, then in this section, let us see the steps –

  • Open your browser, but before that, ensure your connection is stable to avoid unnecessary disturbances.
  • Go to their website and find the option “Start Earning”.
  • Click on the above option, and you will be asked to enter your username.
  • Enter the required details, and a task will be shown that must completed.
  • After two weeks, the gamers can withdraw their rewards from the site.

The rewards will be given to each player’s specified username on the website once they have finished the tasks.


  • Contact Number – The contact number is not mentioned on their site. However, when you click the option, the users must click their discord link to contact the team.
  • Email address – the email ID given on their site is dragontyt24@gmail.com. 
  • Social Media – interested users can contact them through social media as they are on different platforms like Twitter, Discord, YouTube, etc.
  • Promo Codes– to get the rewards, the site gives the users promo codes.
  • Privacy Policy – there is no mention of privacy policy on their site.
  • Referrals – there is an option of doing referrals on the website.


  • Gamers can easily get rewards by completing a few tasks using the website.
  • The simple tasks vary from watching videos to completing surveys, etc.
  • The site doesn’t require the password of the players; just the username will suffice.
  • They are on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • The site also gives promo codes and referral programs to gamers.


  • The fact that you have to wait at least two weeks to withdraw your rewards is one drawback of using rbxstacks.com.
  • The contact number is not given on the website.
  • Essential policies like the terms of use and privacy policy are not given.

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user confirmed that he got the rewards after waiting for two weeks.
  • New clothes were purchased by a user who got rewards from this site.
  • A user got more than 1kRobux by using the site.
  • Another gamer mentioned that if you wait five to seven days, you will receive the incentives.

Negative Reviews

  • A user said that he didn’t get any rewards despite waiting.
  • Only one star was given by a user who stated that the site is the worst.
  • Dissatisfied with the service, a user commented saying he didn’t like the site.
  • After using the site, a user’s account got hacked.

Is rbxstacks.com legit?


In this section, you will get to know if the site is safe to use. No phone number appears to be provided, based on our research. Regarding their presence on social media, they are on Discord, X, YouTube, etc. On YouTube, they have 64 thousand subscribers.

There are mixed reviews about the site, but some gamers received their rewards. Hence, the site is legit; however, there is very low trust among the users for this site.



In this article, we saw about the website that aids you in getting Robux by completing tasks. It doesn’t require your password. However, there is dissatisfaction among the users about the site; on the other hand, some users got Robux.

Hence, we hope you gained helpful insights from this article; please don’t forget to rate us. 

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