Rbx.skin Free Robux on Roblox is Safe? [July 2023]


The website Rbx.skin free Robux is a platform that offers unmetered Robux. You can use it multiple times, but there are a few facts you must know that currently, this domain needs to be fixed.


However, it is redirected to a third-party website managed by the Gen-Rocket team. The site is connected to another site name ibuzy.us. This time we have also tested this site to extract the exact information and to verify whether it is providing Robux or not.

By the way, all such platforms are survey/task based. After all, they also have to recover the benefits from such marketing. Also, most of them do not work and need to be more accurate, which you must be aware of.

Some of the major facts are:

  1. It is not available in any search engine, and you have to copy the Rbx.skin in the URL section and search.
  2. The domain is removed from all search engines because it might be possible that the site was misled or someone might had an issue on it.
  3. This is managed by Gen-Rocket, who is well known for making such sites to distribute Robux.

How to get Rbx.skin free Robux?


Type Rbx.skin in the URL section; it will land you on ibuzy.us.

  1. Put the username and select the OS you are using to play Robux and proceed.

2. Then Choose any one among the options, i.e., 400, 800, 1700, and 4500 Robux, and proceed.


3. It will take a few seconds to produce it, but before that, you have to take the task that includes random surveys.

4. Complete all, and then you will get the transfer of Robux to your provided username profile.


  • Domain: Rbx.skin
  • Website: It is landing to another site name ibuzy.us
  • Registered On:2023-04-21
  • Expires On:2024-04-21
  • Updated On:2023-04-21
  • Email Id: Not found
  • Address: not accessible
  • Social media links: No links found

We tested this website(Result)


During our research, we followed the procedure and completed each step of the verification process, and we were surprised that it transferred our 400 Robux. Although it took 2-3 hours to withdraw, we should have selected the 4500 Robux to get it.

By the way, we never endorse such a platform; we believe in fair gameplay. The undue advantage might give you pleasure for a minute, but a true player always plays it fair. But we leave this choice to our readers, do share your thoughts on it and leave your comment below.

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