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Premiosffonline Roblox or we can say STE Primo is a website that allow syou to download and install the apk file of any game including Roblox.

What is Premiosffonline Roblox?

Ste Primo is a website where gamers can install different games with a single click. It is equivalent to a Play Store, and you can even see the rating of each game on this site. There are games for which you have to pay to download and access the game.

Free games are also available. The players can easily access the latest games on the site. Roblox is a platform where you can play and even create your games. It can also be downloaded from this site. We will see the procedure in the next section of this article.


Below are the few categories of paid and fee apps and games:

Free AppsPaid Apps and games
Food & DrinkPuzzle
Health & FitnessRacing
House & HomeRole playing
Libraries & DemoSimulation
Maps & NavigationStrategy
Music & AudioAction & Adventure

How to download Premiosffonline Roblox?

On this site, the Roblox game can be installed for free. Let us see the steps for installing the game – 

  • Open your browser, and before you proceed to the site, ensure that your net connectivity is proper to avoid disturbances.
  • Go to Ste Primo, and you will find the search option on the site.
  • Click on it and type the game’s name. You will then find two options: download the APK or install it via Google Play. 
  • After clicking on either of them, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store. 

Following the steps above, you can enjoy the game without paying for it.



Let us see the various features of the site –

  • Email ID – you can mail them at
  • Contact Number – the contact number details are not on the site.
  • Top Lists – in this category, you will find the top games available for free and accessed after payment.
  • Top New – the players can discover the latest games and apps in this section.
  • Top paid – here, you will see the games and apps that are most paid. It even includes apps.
  • Donate us – through this option, the site visitors can pay $2 monthly to update the site.
  • Windows Store – various games downloaded on Windows can be seen by clicking this option.

What can you expect?

  • Apart from Roblox, players can install numerous other games on this site.
  • The rating for each game is also given on the web page.
  • Players can see the latest and top applications.
  • You can even mail to them for contacting them.
  • Various options like Windows and Xbox stores are also available.

What are its limitations?

  • There might be chances for the gamers to enter third-party websites, which can be risky.
  • The site might collect users’ personal information.

What are the various ways to install the game?

Apart from Premiosffonline Roblox, you can install the game in other ways. Let us see what they are. 

  • You can download the game on your device by directly accessing the Roblox website. You can also launch it through Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • You can also install the game on Google Play Store, which currently has over 500 million downloads.

How do I get more rewards?

You can get more points for your game by –

  • By selling certain items to your co-players online, you can get rewards.
  • Specific codes are released on many websites, which, once entered, can be redeemed.
  • A few legit robux-generating websites give the players points upon completing particular tasks.

What are the public opinions?


It brings to the reader’s dismay that there aren’t any reviews of this site online. However, according to our research, the site has a low trust score, which is concerning.

In the article’s next section, the readers will gain insights into the site’s legitimacy. Readers are also requested to come back, as we will update it when we find any feedback.

Is Ste Primo legit?

You can install Premiosffonline Roblox through this site, but the main question remains whether the web page is safe. When we download new apps or games, our devices are exposed to risk due to third-party sites. 


According to, the website has a low trust score, which raises further doubts about its legitimacy. Thus, you might welcome new viruses into your device.


In this article, we’ve seen about a website that helps you install Roblox without charging you anything for it. Though it might sound tempting, risks are involved, and readers are advised to exercise caution.

We hope you found this article helpful; please remember to comment. 

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