Lightinthebox Reviews Complaints By Customers [2023]


Read the latest lightinthebox reviews complaints. LightInTheBox is a website where almost everything is provided, from clothing to tech products. They try to reach different countries, so their websites are in different languages too. Their specialty is that they have various product lines to sell.

This website is not India based. This website sells all types of things like clothing, tech, beauty products and home decor. This site often provides things with huge discounts. You can even buy things by going directly to the store.

Let’s talk more about lightinthebox reviews complaints. Further in the article, you will read about the pros and cons of this website and many other things.

What is lightinthebox?


It is a website that sells a variety of products like

Table lamps, wall hangings and beautiful decor

  • Dresses, shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets etc.
  • Swimsuits of different kinds are available.
  • Auto parts
  • Laptop and its parts
  • Stuff toys, chess and different kinds of puzzle-solving games
  • Nail polish, hair extensions and makeup

It is a retail business website that tries to reach different countries and cities to sell their products in a wide range. They even sell their products to companies like Amazon and Flipkart. But to reach different countries, they are not maintaining the quality of their products and customer service. This leads to customer dissatisfaction, and customers avoid buying products from this website. It’s not like there are only negative reviews but also some positive reviews about the quality and fast delivery.


But when we compare, the negative reviews are more than the positive ones. They must maintain their quality to build an image in the market.

This website is an online and also offline-based store. It provides products within 20 business days. You can buy anything from this website, as it has many products, as mentioned above.


  • Return policy – you can return the product if unsatisfied within seven days. But you have to pay the shipping charges.
  • Warranty – The products like laptops and their spare parts, lights and phones have a warranty of 1 year. And the rest of the products have a warranty of 30 days.
  • Payment method – both cash on delivery and online payment are accepted.
  • Contact – Via “Contact Us” page of the site.
  • Social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


  • This website has a variety of products.
  • This website also provides a warranty.
  • Good discounts are also provided.
  • Free shipping and fast delivery


  • The quality of the products is terrible.
  • Customer service is inferior.
  • This website has some suspicious activities going on.

What are lightinthebox reviews complaints?

User comments play a crucial role in determining a web platform’s reliability. By acquiring the equal process, we evaluated the goods the internet site sells.


Customers have hated the quality of products that are provided for them. Customer service wouldn’t respond to their emails. In some cases, the provided product differs entirely from the one ordered.

The site seems suspicious. Please read this article thoroughly so you can save

your money from being wasted. There are also some suspicious activities going on on this site. These were the lightinthebox reviews complaints.

Is lightinthebox legit?


After going through the website thoroughly and found that the website’s activities are suspicious. There are few positive reviews but hundreds of negative ones. In all respects, this website is not perfect from a buyer’s point of view.

Customers were scammed, and their money was wasted. There were a lot of complaints regarding customer service and the inability to get your money back after a refund was issued. So read this article before buying anything from this website.


After researching the lightinthebox reviews complaints, the website is legit with multiple issues. We have given a detailed review of this website. It shows its pros and cons, reviews and complaints from customers, and whether the site is legit. I hope this article will save people from fraud and being scammed.

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