Is Lannywitch Legit | I Lost My Money, Read? [2024]


In this article, we will review on – it is Lannywitch legit or not. Money is earned after doing a lot of hard work, but what if you found some website that is a scam?

Claiming to be a website based in Florida, they sell docking stations, wetsuits, steam cylinders, and Solenoid valves, among other products. It is also stated that the owner of the website is a person named Lanny M Feldman.

What is Lannywitch?


When you open their website, it can be understood that it is a website that sells books to people around the world. And you must be fascinated to see that other products and their variants appear when you click on their all products option instead of books.

People will not be satisfied if they order an air conditioner and get shoes instead! You must be wondering the same, and before proceeding, pondering whether Lannywitch legit or not. Continue reading this article to know more about it. 

Five policies are mentioned on their website under the policies section for the viewers, but whether it is legitimate will soon be found.


  • Email –
  • Products shown on their website – Ranging from air compressors to cars and battery chargers to oil massagers and men’s accessories, many products can be seen on their website.
  • Trade Name – Lanny M. Fedman. PA
  • Business Hours – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday
  • Physical Address – 71 NE 27th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
  • Phone Number – +1 (567) 216-7278
  • Social Media – None
  • Discount – not given

You must have guessed your answer by now – Is Lannywitch legit? But we will show you why it should be affirmative or otherwise. We have some spotlight points to your notice which we have categorized as pros and cons based on the positive and negative aspects, respectively – 


  • According to FlashStart – an internet service that helps secure from cyber threats online, the website does not contain any malware or phishing.
  • The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for their website is secured.
  • After checking their website, any person can be lured to an online store.
  • Within thirty days, the products purchased can be returned.
  • They provide a guarantee through safe payment.
  • There are no shipping charges. 


  • Once you open the website, it can be detected that it has been recently developed and not something prevalent for a long time.
  • The website has a low Alex Rank, according to Trunco.
  • Their website has received negative reviews.
  • On WHOIS, the owner of the website is concealing their identity.
  • Trend Micro does not trust its website.

Is Lannywhich Legit?

The most awaited part of the review is here. Before shopping anywhere online, it is prudent for a man to see if the website he chooses is legitimate, as no one would prefer losing their hard-earned money on something bogus.


Firstly, their website’s popularity is very poor, and now – it entered the online domain on 21st February 2022. Secondly, according to VLDTR, a program that helps consumers use online websites to detect whether it is legit, the score given for Lannywitch is 36. Hence Lannywitch is not legit.

What are the customer reviews of

While getting cheated online is very easy, staying up to date regarding the websites and their functioning is essential. Is Lannywitch Legit or not can also be known through the reviews given by customers who have used their products or availed of their services

There are a lot of consumers who have given their reviews like:

  • Some products were priced very low.
  • There were no shipping charges.
  • A customer has lost her money and was advised not to buy their products.
  • One of the customers said he had placed an order but never received it. 
  • Another customer ordered a keyboard and called to obtain confirmation, but the call was disconnected.

These were the reviews given by the users of the website.


Now the readers must have clarified whether Lannywitch Legit is not. It is easy to place an order, but knowing any website’s history and legitimacy status is more important. 

Lannywitch is a new website, and the people who have ordered have given reviews against them, saying that it is a scam. Hence the readers must have got their answer by now, do drop yours below in the comments your reviews.

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  1. No there a scam paid Paypal and hope my claim goes through.
    Lannywitch charged one price then charged more at paypal..
    don’t buy !!!!


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