Labaton Sucharow Legit Or Not ? Check User Review [2023]


Is Labaton Sucharow Legit? But what is Labaton Sucharow? Are you looking for a firm that will help you deal with losses caused by investors, or are you a consumer who has been defrauded? Then don’t worry; we got that covered for you. 

It is a firm based in New York with more than 60 attorneys who work full-time. Their whole team helps deal with cases where the consumers are cheated and even where the investors manipulate them.

What is Labaton Sucharow?


A group consisting of forensic accountants, investigators, and financial analysts, this New York-based firm helps its clients from fraud cases. Their office is located in Washington and Delaware too. Not only do they work in consumer protection, but they are trustworthy for their work in shareholder rights, data privacy, diverse fields of corporate governance, etc.

When you want to take legal action against someone, the means you choose must be lawful; hence, your question is entirely valid. Now, let’s dive into your answer. When you open their website, you can see that they give you information about their practice areas, events, and news, about the people who work for their firm, etc.


  • Email –
  • Services offered – Litigation – Financial services and products, mergers and acquisitions, consumer protection, data privacy, shareholders rights, etc.
  • Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Physical Address – Delaware – Wilmington & New York – 140 Broadway, Washington
  • Helpline Number – 8882196877
  • Partners – Jake Linsk & Eric J
  • Founders – Lawrence Sucharow, Edward Labaton

After seeing these specifications, one wonders if Labaton Sucharow legit or not. We’ll get into that now.


  • You will have support from your manager all the time
  • The location and timings are flexible
  • The work environment in the firm is inclusive
  • Healthcare is provided to the workers in the form of insurance
  • Free lunch is also given


  • Being a law firm with over 20 partners, there is no overtime. Hence, even though you are dedicated to working beyond office hours and getting paid, such an option is unavailable.
  • The duration of breaks is short.
  • The primary lookout for any employee is their job security which in the present firm is not provided

Is Labaton Sucharow Legit?

Here is the most awaited part of the article. Founded in 1963, it was written by the New York Times about the current firm that offers one of the best services to sue companies and which establishes a strong connection with the plaintiff and the lawyers.

The firm has represented a lot of cases that were related to state pension funds. One of the people who submitted his data for breaching data had given his name and other relevant details, including their history. He had worked in the past and has said that it is legitimate


If you visit their website, they have given a list of cases where they issued all the details regarding it, and hence if you are still wondering, Is Labaton Sucharow legit? Then the answer to that is yes.

What are the customer reviews?

When a person opens their website and browses through it, you can find that they have not just given their achievement but also provided their clients’ opinion.

A few of their reviews are –

  • From their experience, one has said that they don’t just say but show what and do what they say. Each person in the firm has contributed to the best of their abilities for their clients.
  • Another review was that the communication given by the firm was very commendable.
  • Each member of the firm is informed of the firm’s legal decision overall, which shows unity in the firm.
  • One of them reviewed that two of their cases had been settled.
  • On Indeed, they have received a 4.1-star rating.

A few of their negative reviews are – 

  • On Facebook, they have received a star rating of 2.6 out of 5. It has been given that the payoff received was very late
  • One of their customers has said that they are not responsive in calls

The question we were trying to retort for – Is Labaton Sucharow Legit or not- must have been answered. 


It is believed that Justice delayed is Justice denied since that is true; when your recourse a firm for your problems, the first step is to see whether that is legitimate or not for delivering Justice to you.

Labaton Sucharow legit firm, has constantly been delivering its services in various areas of law. Do share your thoughts and views below.

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