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In this article, let us see about joinpd.con which is in the reality There are various ways how a student can be made to learn. Different innovative methods are bought into the learning field to motivate them to study. Let us see what this website is about.

We will see how to use this web page, the advantages, and disadvantages, and we will also see how it is beneficial to the student. We shall see the aspects which will also give us information on whether it can be recommended to others.

What is joinpd.con


Also known as Pear Deck, this website provides a platform for its users, mainly the teachers who will use it and can convert their lessons or presentations into materials that students can use for interactive learning.

How to join joinpd.con?

You can avail of the services of this web page by following the given steps – 

  • Firstly, select a device that has a proper internet connection.
  • Log in to your account. 
  • After logging into your account, keep your presentation ready by clicking on the option “Create your presentation.”

By following the above steps, you can create your own presentation. There is an alternative way to use this web page too. You must first click on the Google slides; after that, you must choose add-ons. After that, you have to select a pear deck.


  • Name of the website – joinpd.con
  • Premium Features – there are a few features that are premium that teachers can use to have interactive sessions with students.
  • Server Location – United States
  • Date of Registration – 6th April 2016
  • Date of Update – 21st February 2023
  • Date of Expiry – 6th April 2024
  • Number of Visitors – it has approximately 1000 visitors per day.


  • Using this web page, you can teach your students quickly and interactively.
  • You can even make slides and use google play to do the slides.
  • With the help of a few codes, you can join this web page. The web page provides a five-digit code will be provided to the teachers.
  • The procedure to start teaching using joinpd.con is straightforward.
  • You can even join using the link provided by the site.


  • The web page is not available on any of the social media platforms. 
  • The contact details of the web page have not been given anywhere.
  • Vital policies like terms of use have not been explained on their web page.
  • The privacy policy is also not given.
  • If any of its users are willing to resolve their queries in person, then they will be prevented from doing so as the physical address is not given.

Is joinpd.con legit?

Here we come to the most important. We will find out if this web page is legit or not. We have conducted research where we could not generate anything that could tell us how much trust score the web page has.

We could not find any ratings that would help us determine this website’s validity. Hence, the web page may be legit, or it might not be. It is also to be notified to the readers that, currently, the website is not functioning. We request that users be sure before proceeding on this web page.

User Reviews


Reviews play an essential role for any as they have the capacity to either increase their brand name or decrease. It also helps the other users evaluate their decision on whether to proceed.

Keeping the same in mind, we tried to generate the reviews, but to the user’s dismay, there weren’t reviews about the web page. We, however, would like our readers to know that we will update as soon as we find any reviews.



Teachers play a very influential role in the student’s life. Hence the methods that they use are also very important. Joinpd.con is one such website that allows the teaching process interactively.

We have found that this web page does not give any information about the policies, like a privacy policy or terms of use. The web page did not provide their contact details too. The reviews about this site could not be found. Hence, we request you to be careful.

We hope you found this article, don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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