Is the 6400 Subsidy Legit?


Are you wondering about Is the 6400 subsidy legit? Then don’t worry, as we got that covered for you. There are many schemes a government introduces for the sake of its citizens to maintain their well-being. But the real question is how many of them are real.

The 6400 subsidy, as the name suggests, the subsidy program has recently raised curiosity among the members regarding its legitimacy. In this article, we will see whether it is legit, along with the other grant details, so let us begin.

What is the 6400 subsidy?


Let us see what this grant is all about before we know more on: Is the 6400 subsidy legit? In the United States of America, the $6400 subsidy program has been doing rounds regarding its legitimacy. It is a health benefit plan that its citizens can avail in case of any medical emergency.

The grant program covers the citizens’ other essential needs, like groceries, health insurance, etc. Many top celebrities like Snoop Dogg have been advertised about the program. It asks the people to donate money for the grant so that it can help those in need.


  • Website – no information is available regarding its website or the portal from which you can avail of this benefit.
  • Advertisements – the scheme was advertised through famous personalities like Joe Biden, and it has come up even on YouTube ads.
  • Policy – No data is available regarding the subsidy’s policies.
  • Contact Number – If any person is interested in contacting the authorities, no contact details are available for this grant.
  • Email ID – no email ID is available for mailing the grant’s personnel.

Is the 6400 subsidy legit? Don’t worry, as you will find your answer very soon; let us see the advantages and disadvantages of this grant before that.


  • The beneficiaries of this scheme can get benefits up to $6400 million.
  • Apart from health insurance, the beneficiaries can also get groceries.
  • All the medical expenses can be paid off with the money the beneficiaries will receive through this grant.
  • The procedure for getting the subsidy is easy.


  • Clicking on the link is risky as it might have viruses.
  • To avail of the scheme, the applicant’s bank details must be compromised, which is very sensitive information to share.
  • There are no proper details regarding the subsidy, as the applicants cannot even be contacted in case of queries.
  • There is no proper Email ID through which the users can mail.

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews

A user commented on YouTube that he got Blue Cross insurance through this scheme.

Negative Reviews

  • An applicant was asked for his security number, because of which he grew suspicious and didn’t proceed further with the procedure.
  • Another user who was also suspicious even reported about this grant ad to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • A person felt thankful that he did not proceed with the procedure as he was in a financial crisis and had yet to get his refund.

Is the 6400 subsidy legit?


Would you be tempted to act upon an advertisement if your favorite singer or politician is marketing it? Or, for that matter, would you act on a scheme that pops up on almost all the social media platforms you use? Before you do so, always be sure it is legit.

This US-based grant that promises its citizens a subsidy of up to $6400 million might not be legit. We have found a lot of YouTube videos where many comments said that it was a scam that would simply lure senior citizens. Though it might look promising, it is not.


The link through which the beneficiaries usually apply is also not legit as it is not a .gov, proving it is fake. Hence, this subsidy is fake.


In this article, the readers must have come to know the many facts behind the grant, which promises to relieve health and medical expenses. The government generally introduces these schemes, but not all the schemes are by the government.

It is very important to be aware before sharing sensitive information like your bank details, security number, etc. Any person would like to have these benefits but not at the cost of losing the hard-earned money. Hence, we hope you found the answer: Is the 6400 subsidy legit? Always be vigilant.

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