Is Starpets gg Legit? Get Robux [2024]


Is starpets gg legit and safe? The players of the Roblox game must be aware of the game – Adoptme. This is a game where the players adopt pets and is played by multiple players. Let us see if, through this website, you can purchase pets.


In this article, we will see what all the users can buy and what advantages and disadvantages one has while using this website. We will also look into the legitimacy of the website and what kind of reviews the users give. So, let us begin.

What is Starpets gg?

It is a website that helps users trade pets for their online Roblox game – Adoptme. Through this website, gamers can sell and even buy pets. Users can also buy eggs, vehicles, and potions besides pets.


The users of the website, before finding out is starpets gg legit, must know that they have different categories to modify before purchasing, like –

  • Type – here, you can select what you want to buy, whether it is a pet, potion, eggs, etc.
  • Rarity – users can modify and choose the pet’s rarity through this website.
  • Properties – if the pet must be a normal one or if it should be a neon category can also be chosen.


  • Email id –
  • Contact Number- the contact details need to be provided on the website.
  • Social Media – the website is on Instagram.
  • Privacy Policy – The owners last updated the privacy policy on 16th November 2011, stating how the user’s information is collected.
  • Address – the address is not mentioned on the website.
  • Exchange – the users are provided with an exchange option, and the procedure is on the website.
  • Withdraw –gamers can withdraw their pets by clicking on this option. 
  • Currency – the users can trade in three different currencies.

Before finding out if is starpets gg legit, let us see the pros and cons.


  • The users have various options before purchasing any pet, egg, or potion from this website.
  • They can even trade through this website.
  • You can change the website’s language and operation based on your location.
  • The users can contact them via their Instagram handle.
  • In three types of currencies, the users can bring the items.
  • The website has essential information regarding the privacy policy and the terms of use.
  • The FAQ section on the website provides help and serves as a guide to all new users.


  • The option to withdraw is available to few countries only.
  • Due to technical errors, the users cannot hold meetings with the bots.
  • The website only allows the users to return the product once it’s purchased.
  • Users cannot buy Clothes and toys through this site.

Is starpets gg legit?


We have researched the site’s legitimacy so that readers can decide whether to use this platform. We have found that the website is active on their social media handle, Instagram, and the users have commented that they received their pets and the site works.

Vital information regarding an exchange, privacy policy, and email address is also given on their website; hence, it is legit.

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave a five-star rating and appreciated the option of trading on their website.
  • Another user also gave five stars and reviewed that he could buy things from the website for a lower price.
  • A user stated that he purchases almost daily and loves how it functions.
  • A user appreciated how supportive the website was when the user dealt with issues regarding his inventory.
  • Another also gave 5 stars and said that the website is great.

Negative Reviews

  • A user gave one star and said that the website was dealing with many technical issues and that he could not withdraw his pet.
  • Another user also gave a similar rating and reviewed that a lot of bots needed to be fixed.
  • A user still needs to receive Robux, due to be paid from the website.
  • Another user also gave one star and said that website is prolonged.
  • A user found his experience with the site to be disappointing.



There are mixed reviews about this site, and though the website is comprehensive, it has a lot of technical issues that need to be addressed. Is Starpets gg legit – it is legit; however, it has some problems, and few users did get their pets from this site.

We hope you found this article helpful, and please give us your honest reviews.

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