Is Snappy Gifts Legit | 4/5 Ratings, 50+ Reviews (2013)


In this article, we shall see – is snappy gifts legit or not. How would you feel if the people who work for you have done a great job and you want to reward them out of courtesy? To make this job easier snappy gifts provide you with various options.

Let us see what precisely snappy gifts are, how one can send gifts, and the various specifications of this website.

What is Snappy Gifts?


Based in New York, this company is a multinational company, and as the name suggests, it is a platform where you can send gifts. Unlike any company, here you can send gifts to the employees who work for you that too personalized.

They have an exciting procedure as to how the receiver receives the gift. Firstly, a mail is sent, and then digitally, the person getting a gift can choose what he wants from the given options. But is snappy gifts legit? Let us find out.

Specifications – 

  • Name of the website – Snappy 
  • CEO – Hani Goldstein
  • Headquarters – United States, New York
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Cookie Policy – provided on their website along with the last date of updation
  • Solutions – different types of gifts can be given, like customer gifts, personal gifts, branded gifts, employee appreciation gifts
  • Guidelines – the guidelines of the brand are given on the website
  • Terms of Use – All the terms of use with detailed descriptions have been provided 
  • Email –
  • Limitation of liability – given on their website
  • Redeem – you have the option of redeeming your gift.
  • Return – you can return the gift within 30 days

Still wondering – is snappy gifts legit? We shall reveal the answer soon for you.


  • The website is unique, a platform for you to send gifts to the employees you want.
  • The kind of gifts that you can give is not restricted, and different types are available
  • You can get a live update about your gift
  • The company also provides you with the option of exchanging the gift you take
  • A choice of exchange is also available
  • Around 90% of the gifts are delivered within a week
  • You can see who has claimed the gifts along with thank you notes, if any
  • You can even send gifts one-off
  • A guide for the employees while gifting is also given 

About your doubt – is snappy gifts legit or not, you don’t have to worry as we have got that covered for you


  • The gifts can be expired at the discretion of the employer at any point in time
  • Only one item per gift can be given
  • At least two of the given criteria on their website have to be fulfilled for a brand to gain sustainability
  • The account that you sign up for can not be used by anyone except you
  • Data, including non-personal data, will be collected while using their website
  • Third parties might as well appear while accessing their sites

Is Snappy Gifts legit?


Here comes the most awaited part of the article. On a rating app, it has been found that 90% of the users have given a five-star rating to this website and were found to be content with how it functions. 

Many customers have given their reviews showing and proving that the website is legit and can be used for gifting.

Customer Reviews –


Let us now look at the reviews given by the customers 

Positive Reviews

  • The gifts can be easily afforded
  • A customer has said that the website was straightforward for them to use
  • The dashboard was also found to be very convenient
  • Within a day’s call, a gift was sent, and the customer was very content

Negative Reviews 

  • A customer found the interface part of being repetitive.
  • Though it delivers gifts, the gifts provided did not contain any gift notes, and thus a customer expressed her dissatisfaction.
  • A user found the options available to be fewer.
  • Another customer didn’t like their funding system.


Is Snappy Gifts legit? The answer to that is definitely yes. It is a unique platform where you can express gratitude towards your employees.

The initiative is something very commendable and is worthy of recommending to others. Hence, we hope you found our article helpful, and we look forward to your feedback.

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