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In this article, we will see and ponder on – Is Siksuo Legit or not? The name might sound familiar to another leading shopping brand, Shein. But let us see if it is unique or if it is just another website that is trying to impersonate other clothing websites.

All of us will be fascinated when we are given exciting offers, and that too with a lot of variety. It is even more interesting when it is not just a national brand but an international brand. What is even more important than all of this if it is even real or not first in the first place?

What is Siksuo?


It claimed to be an international online shopping website that reportedly sells women’s clothes. Not only does it offer many clothes, but it has offers and promo codes that can be used while shopping from its website. The website believes in empowering women by becoming their source of happiness.

They display various offers like up to 20% off on orders if the total bill is over 20$, up to 40% off on orders if the bill is over 120$, and other such offers which are pretty easy for the customers to get lured by. Before proceeding to shop, one must ponder – Is Siksuo Legit? We will answer soon and look into it.

Specifications – 

  • Name of the website – Siksuo
  • Email –
  • Products are shown – shoes, tops, sweaters, bottoms, dresses, and sets
  • Office Hours – 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Company Address – England, Wheatcroft House, Edwalton
  • Shipping – Worldwide shipping is available 
  • Return Policy – available, and the required steps are mentioned on their website
  • Currency – they accept different modes of currency
  • Languages – the website functions in five other languages
  • Offers – available based on the total order amount
  • Social media – none of the social media platforms has the name of the website

While the above specifications are mentioned and can be viewed on their website, they also display various pictures of their products. Still pondering on – Is Siksuo Legit or not? We are coming there very soon.


The pros of the website are as follows-

  • The website functions in five different languages, including English
  • They offer a return policy along with a detailed procedure for the same
  • To contact them, they have provided their email as well as their physical office address
  • While shopping, based on the total amount, different discounts are given
  • There is a wide range of clothes available in various patterns and colors


Now let us analyze the cons of this website – 

  • Though the name of the website is Siksuo, the name Shein appears on their page
  • The different policies like privacy policy and even the terms and conditions for the website are not unique
  • The specifications of a few of the items were not to be found
  • The cancellation policy has not been given or explained on their website
  • Though an email address is shown, a mobile number has not been specified anywhere

Is Siksuo Legit?


Here we come to the most awaited part of the article. The business address on their website could be more genuine, and the customer support given to the users could be more adequate, raising suspicion. 

While opening their website, the trust seal is not visible, indicating that it is not a safe website. The lack of security suggests the risk of hacking and keeps the consumers in a vulnerable position.


And by now, you must have guessed the question as to – Is Siksuo legit or not, and the answer is – it is not legit.

Customer Reviews 

  • The website is not on any of the social media apps, and the website also does not provide the users the opportunity to review. But it was found on YouTube and PayPal from four of the customers that the website is a scam.
  • One user commented that the product was still undelivered, but the status was visible.


While finding out if a website is trustworthy is not easy, there are various ways to protect oneself from online fraud. They are present online in the most believable way, luring and scamming users.

Is Siksuo Legit? It is not, so beware and be a savvy online user by detecting such scams beforehand; read more such articles here, keep yourself updated, and give us feedback.

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