Is shilajit Legit Or Not ? What Experts Say?


Do you want to improve your health and wonder if is Shilajit legit? Then this article is everything that can provide adequate knowledge about this amazing substance to clear all your doubts. It is mainly found in the Himalayas, which takes birth after the decomposition of many plants through microorganisms. 

It works as a medicine with many health benefits. Ayurveda has a vast amount of research, and people have been using it for many decades. It benefits both physical and mental health, because of which many people use it in their diet. 

What is Shilajit? 

Few patents are granted for this amazing Ayurvedic medicine. When considering buying this substance, a person should look for an organic brand that sells 100% authentic products and should be approved by GP. 


If a person takes it for continuous 60 days, it will likely show an effect. However, it differs from person to person and according to their body type. If there are any allergy symptoms, the person should check that the substance is authentic and check himself by a certified doctor. There have been a few cases because many people questioned whether is Shilajit  legit or not. Let us look at the essential factors that we want our readers to consider further. 

What are the advantages? 

For men, it helps in improving the fertility and testosterone level. Men who consume it have a higher level of estrone. People have seen good results from this product through continuous taking and a good diet. 

This product is also good for those looking youthful by working as an antioxidant.

  • It regularly helps those who supper through breathing-related issues and body pain as it contains more than 80 minerals.
  • It also boosts brain power, and as suggested by international journals, it cures Alzheimer’s by slowing aging and increasing longevity.
  • It is also evidently seen that it improves heart health by lowering the chances of heart disease. 
  • It comes at an affordable price, because of which many people are still skeptical is Shilajit legit or not. 
  • It is easily found in any local herbal store or ayurvedic store.
  • If the authentic and organic substance has been found, there is no need to consult a doctor if you are not on any medication. 

What are the disadvantages? 


People who have been continuously using shilajit have reported that there has been a weakness that follows.

Many have complained that they have suffered through rashes for which they have switched from Ayurveda to allopathic medicines and never want to get back to it. 

Many have raised their concern stating that most of the medicines available are not authentic and artificial, which likely cause more harm than good. 

How to use this? 

By the information mentioned earlier, our reader’s concern about is Shilajit legit or not has been answered, and all they might need to know is how to use it. Here is what they need to know.

  • It is available in stores in liquid, capsule, and powder forms. 
  • If the consumer gets it in liquid form, he can dissolve it in water or milk and take it twice daily. 
  • If the consumer gets it in powder form, they can take one scoop twice daily with milk.
  • Those who get it in a capsule version can take two capsules twice daily 
  • The recommended mg is 300 to 500
  • Our sincere advice to all our readers is to consult their certified doctor before taking any medicine, even if it is natural to be safer. Many cases have shown the adverse effects of this medicine. 

Is Shilajit legit?


According to our survey and the research conducted to provide full details about this substance to our readers, it is authentic because it is a natural product that we directly gain from microorganisms. Different bodies react differently to this product, and that does not testify to its authenticity and makes it fake. Most Ayurvedic medicine and treatment are based on this. However, this cannot be a stand-alone cure for most diseases. It works, and many aspects should be considered. 

What are the users saying about it? 

To testify, is Shilajit legit or not? We looked at user reviews on platforms like public opinion forums and official health-related websites. This substance from nature has gained a huge response, divided into two categories that are positive and negative. 

Positive reviews: People have stated that this is a great antioxidant that helps rejuvenate the body and make skin glow. 


One user has stated that this is a great source of minerals to improve guy health. 

Negative reviews: Many users have said this has shown zero results over time. It has worse the condition and has caused no benefits. 

People who have used this product have likely been affected by many skin-related issues. 


To conclude, according to our own experience, this is a natural substance, but it should be taken orally after consulting a doctor. We hope our review on is Shilajit legit or not is helpful for you. Drop your feedback in the comment section below. 

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