Is Personalization Mall Legit ? Christmas Sale, Upto 50% Off [2023]


Know whether Is Personalization mall Legit or not? This online website offers discounts on sale up to 50% on clothing, winter wears coffee mugs, and more; grab the deals.

This website, based in the United States, tried to do something different to create interest among the customers. It is based on made-to-order products. The products are available based on various special days like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage gifts, and many more. The main idea of this website is to add emotions with their exclusive creation. 


We can explore and definitely can find out a custom-made product for us. This article analyzes the complete detail of the website to give you an honest point of view to make it useful for your special days. 

What is

We all search for rare gifts to fabricate memorable days. This website is here with all the solutions of buyers need. They might need to have a few personal details of yours to craft the piece. They have countless features and options so that any theme or design can be prepared per someone’s need.

We can send all the information correctly to them through an email to their official address. Quality assurance is the best part of this website. The website offers plenty of discounts on numerous products. We are pleased to get useful and lovable goodies on a budget. Attractiveness can imply a huge audience for the website. They kept innumerable uncommon stuff. 


  • 1-2 days fast turnaround
  • Upto 50% off
  • Sign up and save 5% extra
  • Cyber Monday sale 40% on all product

Now we are discussing here the advantages and disadvantages of creating a sense of using this website. Complete thought is given in this article for the reference of people out there. Hope this can provide a detailed answer to the question, “Is Personalization mall Legit?”


  • Contact: To contact the website, you must fill in your name and email address. An option is also available to inform the site about your need by choosing the reasons there.
  • Email:
  • Number: Toll-Free: 1-866-386-8300, Phone: 630-910-6000
  • Address: PersonalizationMall.Co51 Shore Dr.Burr Ridge, IL 60527, United States
  • Shipping: Customers can choose the mode of shipping. Stuff will be shipped within 1-2 days of order.
  • Social media presence: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.
  • Type of website: Personalized and exclusive stuff for celebrating life
  • Refund Policy: All refunds and exchanges must be done within 30 days from the day of receipt.
  • Payment options: Online payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, and Net banking. 


  • From the evidence added from the absolute sources, a few advantages we can mark of this website:
  • Offering lucrative things at the best price with the guarantee of service and quality.
  • Understanding the value of someone’s feelings about their notable events.
  • They are not using personal details for their profit.
  • Can fulfill our needs within a minimal period 

Customer support with address and number is also written on the site. We can reach out to them with any difficulties with services.


  • Besides their good sides, they also have a few drawbacks people must consider before blindly trusting them.
  • Ordering fragile items can be risky as they can come in broken condition due to poor courier handling.
  • Due to the poor quality of pictures, prints can be blurry, leading to disappointment.
  • Any weather issue can delay your parcel by a few days, which can ruin your surprise or event.

Is Personalization mall Legit?


After thorough research about the website thoroughly, it can be said that it is prompt and legit. We can see their great customer service with all the data collected from the sources. Recreating the memory or refurbishing them is needed a great effort. Experiencing the feeling of reliving the moments can be truly possible with the help of this side. The reviews of their existing customers are testifying the website’s authenticity. 

An analysis of the customer reviews?

Customer reviews can be found on the website. We can see many customers are well served. By referring to all those reviews and collected data, we can answer the question, “Is Personalization mall Legit?

Customers gave their reactions based on their experiences with this website. Reactions are both types: positives and negatives. One customer said he is very happy with the product and print quality, and the gifted person is also very happy. Another customer also cherished their products. A few users made negative comments like it is a waste of money and print quality is blurry, so they cannot present the item.


Most people are happy with the service and quality. Assurance of refund and return policy is also good, as many commented with the same. With all these reviews, the Quick response from the website team is appreciable.

Conclusion is meant to cherish our moments with their crafted items. They have created a destination for sharing joy with our family and friends. We can connect our beloved ones with these rare collections and make them feel their presence’s importance. We hope you will like our article and materials added to this and can clarify the answer to the question, “Is Personalization mall Legit?”

We would love to get your feedback and responses. Please drop your point of view in the comments section.

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