Is Owl and Goose Gifts Legit? Reviews and Complaints


Is owl and goose gifts legit and safe for shopping. The website is known for selling multiple items at low price. Read the reviews and complaints.


We will see what products the consumers can get in this e-commerce store and how you can use this site. This article will also show the users’ pros and cons. Whether the website is legit or not shall also be covered towards the end of the article, so let us begin.

What is owl and goose gifts?

It is an online store that sells stuffed toys, plush toys, and squish mallows, among other products. You can gift the above items, or you can even purchase them. They have other items too apart from toys like –

  • Fidget toys – there are two more options in this category with different toys, namely Nee doh and other fidget toys.
  • Plush Toys – there are 6 six other types of toys in this category.
  • Squish Mallows – in this also, the users can choose according to the size they prefer.
  • Other items – you can even buy pens, hair accessories, jewelry, etc., and even mystery boxes are available.

 Let us see the website’s specifications before we find out on – is owl and goose gifts legit.


  • Email id – the email address provided on their website is
  • Social Media – they are available on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Address – the address on their website is Saint Peter N 2200 Street.
  • Payment – you can make payments through various credit cards and online payments.
  • Return Policy – the products can be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • Gift cards – you can buy gift cards electronically by clicking on that option.
  • Privacy Policy – all the essential information is explained in this section; minors are prevented from using the website, and the owners last updated on 10th July 2020.
  • Rewards – friend points and discounts are available on products, and you can use them by enrolling in the program.
  • Shipping Policy – the products will be shipped in 2 to 7 days. Is owl and goose gifts legit? Let us find out, but before that, let us see the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Apart from regular toys and plush toys, you can purchase other hair-related accessories, stickers, and pins.
  • The users can contact them either through their email address or on social media.
  • Users can even have rewards and discounts given on their products.
  • If you receive any damaged or without a tag, you will be given a replacement item.
  • Squish mallows can be purchased in different sizes.


  • The users must pay cancellation fees of 10% while cancelling items.
  • If a product is in a sealed package, it cannot be returned.
  • You cannot cancel an item after it has been shipped.
  • Restocking fee of up to 25% on the mystery boxes.
  • The products are shipped only in the United States and Canada.
  • The website is restricted and doesn’t allow users below 18 years to use it.

Is owl and goose gifts legit?


We have researched whether this website is safe to use, and this is what we found – the website gives all essential information and policies, including their address and email id. The reviews by the users are also provided on the website.

They are available even on social media, and on Instagram, they have decent followers, with many customers commenting on their favorite toys, which shows that this is a legit and safe website.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave 5 stars for the product she ordered and found the item to be soft and cute.
  • Another user also rated similarly and said the products are not disappointing.
  • A user appreciated their toys and reviewed that the products were inexpensive.
  • Another user ordered a push clip and appreciated their fast shipping.
  • A user ordered a Panda toy and loved the product.

 Negative Reviews

  • A user gave 3 stars and said that the toy that she received had a smudge on its face.
  • Another user said that the product varied from how it looked in color.
  • A user reviewed that she received her product very late.



In the article – is owl and goose gifts legit, we have seen that many people love their products, and the fact that they deliver the products shows that it is a legit website.

They even provide discounts and rewards and sell various toys with other gifts. Hence, this is a safe website, and you can also place your order soon, provided you are in U.S. or Canada. We hope you liked our article, do give us your comments below.

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