Is Mad Muscles Legit? 100+ Reviews [Nov-2023]


If you are someone who is a fitness freak, then you must be wondering on – is Mad Muscles Legit or not. Mad Muscles is an app that will help you achieve your fitness goals; to know more about it, keep reading.

As time passes, technology advances, and everything can be made quickly, even sitting at your home. Not everyone can access the gym, or even if they can, having a personalized trainer is not something everyone can afford.


Imagine having an app that will solve all your problems. Now let us look into it if it is legit to use in the first place.

What is Mad Muscles?

A personalized workout program where you can choose your fitness program and get training without needing to be physically present. This app helps you achieve the goals which you have set for yourself.


Found by Madelene Havenga, the app also provides the option of later canceling the program you chose. The app follows four principles which are –

  • Encouraging the habits – the app will help you develop healthy eating habits which are in line with the goals you set for yourself for your fitness and see that a proper coordination
  • Increasing the Knowledge – while using this app, you learn more about your body and how it can be aligned with the target you set by giving you insightful tips.
  • Becoming a coach – you don’t need a coach specifically when you use this app, as this app itself is a coach who will help you track your progress, and it even provides you with a meal that you should follow while working out.
  • Barrier-Free – This app is barrier-free as you don’t need anything but your phone.

But is Mad Muscles Legit? We will get back to that soon.


  • Name of the website – Mad Muscles
  • Email –
  • Services Provided – Gaining muscle mass, to get shredded, losing weight 
  • Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Return Policy – A refund can be requested by a link provided on their website
  • Language Available – the app is available in six languages
  • Medical Advice – No medical advice will be given by giving the customer’s service


Every app will have pros and cons, but considering if it adheres to what you are looking for is also significant.

  • The app is available in six languages
  • There is a return policy that is provided
  • The app provides an update option regarding products and services along with exceptional services
  • There are articles on their website that answer the queries of beginners
  • You have the option of canceling your subscription
  • The app is open for both the genders
  • It has both workout and meal plan
  • The website provides a detailed description of the various policies available
  • The ratings for this app are available on the website itself


  • Their one-month plan does not have the option of multiple payments.
  • Three of their plans are non-renewable.
  • To improve its services, the app uses third-party solutions.
  • Though six languages are available, when the question of the websites policy and English translation, only the latter will prevail

Is Mad Muscles Legit?


Though many apps help ease your work while you are resting at home, not all apps are legit. A lot of them turn out to be a scam and leave with no options as a resort.

The app is available on the apple store and has received star ratings too. It has received ratings on google play as well. The reviews prove the app is legitimate and has helped people transform themselves. Hence the app is legit.

Customer Reviews – 


Customer reviews play an essential role in an app as they help either more customers to come in or not. Now lets us see the reviews given by the customers on deciding – Is Mad Muscles Legit?

Positive Reviews – 

  • One of the satisfied customers has lost five pounds in just a week and has given a star rating of five
  • A proper workout is shown on the website, which yet another customer appreciates
  • The website also provides the customers with an appropriate set of exercises as stated by their consumer
  • Their step-by-step plan has also been appreciated

Negative Reviews – 

  • The app works slowly and has opened for one of the users after 15 minutes
  • A consumer reviewed that the app is just for workouts and nothing else and has given a star rating of one star
  • The app asks the users to pay 1.50$ every week, which was not taken very well by the consumer


Seeing the negative and positive reviews, the question of – is mad muscles legit or not can be answered in the affirmative. Every app has its pros and cons, but one of the unique features available on this app is it provides articles for the customers to see how their website works.

We hope you got the answer you’ve been looking for, do share your feedback.

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