Is Limited Run Games Legit | Reviews & Analysis [2023]


Do you always need clarification about ‘Is Limited Run Games Legit’? We have answers to all your questions to make you understand everything. All the necessary information is given in this article briefly.

This article talks about what these games are, how they work, their pros, cons and other essentials. It is a video game distributor platform that provides games on its official website without downloading them.

What are Limited run games?


It is the best platform for the physical form of digital games, which is in collaboration with most top-rated brands and companies which eyes to bring players the best gaming experience in the world. They also provide prizes based on tournaments.

This platform aims to revolutionise the gaming industry by taking gamers ahead of regular digital gaming platforms and experiencing gaming without the need to download it. They have been considered the best in providing satisfaction in games such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, retro consoles and many others. However, “Is Limited Run Games legit” is yet to be discovered. 


Before going to the platform, the user should have an overall idea of what this platform is willing to provide, which is given below:

  • Founders of this platform: Douglas Bogart, Josh Fairhurst and Alena Alambeigi
  • Address: Limited Run Games, Inc.3402 Apex Peakway, Apex, North Carolina 27502
  • Website:
  • Object: Platform for selling physical forms of digital games.
  • Contact: Users can drop queries on the ‘Contact support’ on the website
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instgram, YouTube
  • Users can order games from the website
  • Email:
  • Purpose: Forever Physical
  • Can buy guide available on the website
  • Shipping details are not provided on the website



There are various benefits attached to buying a physical form of digital game.

  • Gamers do not have to download games anymore
  • It frees the device from getting affected by viruses that come with downloading games.
  • It provides a vast collection of games, soundtracks, and other necessary accessories, which are merchandise
  • It has collaborated with most reputed brands, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, retro consoles and many others.
  • Users can place an order online
  • Can pre-order before 25th December
  • Issues newsletter for regular users
  • It is available on multiple social media platforms.
  • It also provides a guide to help the users to choose the best game.


Like everything comes with a price to pay, this platform has severe demerits given below:

  • Some may not prefer physical form or consoles in this technologically advanced age where they can get any game with their fingertips.
  • Some games are costly.
  • Some games are available on various online platforms.
  • Customer reviews are not available on the website.

What are the user reviews?

Before using this, the users must have this question whether is Limited Run Games legit or not, which can be known from customer reviews. There are no reviews available on the website, but they can be found online. Users have mentioned that the service provided by the company needs to enhance its specifications.


Some reviews say the order gets delayed and the experience is worst. They had an order that did not get delivered for months and months, even after contacting customer support. They stated that the company treats its users worst. Some have stated that this option of pre-ordering fails at times as it takes nine months to be delivered, so people question the legitimacy of this website.

However, some users have good experience with this company and held that even though it takes much time to get it delivered, they deliver the best product and have never been so pleased with a product like that before. 

Is Limited Run Games legit? 

As per the website structure and features, it is a legitimate website even though it has gotten a few bashing in some aspects, such as delivering products on time which they tried to make up in other aspects. 


They provide the best quality products, and there are no complaints. In case of a delay in the product’s delivery, users can connect to the website through various available platforms on social media where they are active. It has received five stars from users worldwide, which speaks a lot about its authenticity.


Thus, Limited Run Games is a significant physical video games distributor offering the best games in soundtracks, merchandise, and other accessories. Users can place an order to get the products. Those who want to buy their favourite games can visit their official website and get their hands on them. We hope the question to “is Limited Run Games Legit” is clear.

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