Is Light in the Box Legit Or Not ? Check Review [2023]


If you could buy your wedding dress online, how would it be? Light in the box is your rescue, but, Is Light in the Box Legit? It is an online retail company that delivers products to its customers internationally. It is headquartered in Beijing, China. Jian He is the CEO of this Company.


The founders of this Company started this to take an edge over China’s supply chain and manufacturing. 

What is Light in the Box?

It is a wide-ranging online company providing its service to customers with general merchandise and a variety of apparel. It awards the buyers customized products with exciting prices through their website. Now you must ponder upon is Light in the Box Legit. Your answer will be revealed soon.


The platform offers different policy programs for its users, like a return policy and a cancellation policy.  And other policies, too, which can be utilized by accessing their website. It operates in various languages.


  • Name of website – Light in the Box
  • Email – 
  • Products available – men’s and women’s clothing, bags, phones and accessories, lights and lighting, electronics, hair and beauty products, sports, and outdoor, wedding-related products
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest
  • Refund – it is available within seven days of receiving the product.
  • Cancellation Policy – A total refund is provided when any order is canceled within a day.
  • Discounts – Various discounts, like 10% on buying two tops and 15% for three. Their website has details of all the coupons available. 

Is Light in the Box Legit? We got that covered for you; continue reading about the enthralling part below. 

Pros – 

  • This online shopping platform provides a range of products and has rare features – wedding dresses.
  • You can customize your product by shopping on their website
  • The products are available at attractive prices for men, women, and children
  • They don’t cost you to become their partner
  • Commissions are paid to the customer based on their purchases
  • They provide an affiliate program where the customers can track their earnings and sales
  • There is a refund policy which can be utilized within seven days of receiving the product
  • The customers can share their shopping experience, and the Company will send a follow-up mail to their purchasers
  • There is no registration fee for enrolling in their Rewards and Credits Program
  • They provide fast delivery
  • Three websites are provided for reporting any suspicious activity
  • They are available on mobile apps too, like apple and google play, and upon using them, discounts can be availed 


  • The customers must pay the shipping fees while returning the product.
  • URL bidding, Trademark bidding is not allowed
  • Not all items are returnable; the list of non-returnable items has been given in their return policy.
  • Inquires will be only entertained if they are submitted within the period specified.
  • The Company shall have the right to suspend, change, or cancel any Rewards and Credits Program feature without prior notice.
  • The member’s account shall become inactive if unused for over a year.
  • The Rewards and Credits program can be used for the member’s usage only.
  • While using their website, third-party websites might open for which they are not accountable.

Is Light in The Box legit?


Now, without any wabbling, let’s look into it. It serves and trades in the NY Stock Exchange to customers globally. The reviewers who used their products and reported hardships have confirmed that the Company has resolved their issues. 

From children’s clothes to wedding-related dresses, the Company provides different types of discounts. Hence, Light in the Box is Legit, and its products are worth buying.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews- 

  • A recent review by a customer who purchased Chino pants found her shopping fruitful as the product she ordered was colorful and comfortable too.
  • Another customer who bought their first shoes was found to be the perfect fit.
  • A lot of customers found their website well organized. 
  • They found a lot of variants in all types of clothing provided by Light in the box.

Negative Reviews – 

  • Few customers are unsatisfied with their return policy
  • One of the customers received the product late 
  • A customer didn’t like their service 



Is Light in the Box Legit? Well, the answer to it is a yes. The Company has received an overall star rating of 4.1. Since 2007, the Company has been providing its users with excellent service, and the Company isn’t restricted to just one country. 

If you are getting married soon and don’t have time to purchase an in-store wedding dress, you must look at the Light in the box. Hoping to see your comments, remember to share your view below.

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